1. Spiderfarmerled

    Australia Growers---Happy Father's Day

    For all Australian growers, happy father's day. Wish all a happy weekend. Save up to 20% off, please do not miss it. https://spiderfarmer.com.au/
  2. Spiderfarmerled

    Happy Labor Day Everyone⚡⚡

    Happy Labor Day Everyone ⚡Spider Farmer Sale is Coming⚡ G Series grow light up to 20% off!! Limited quantity. Time from Sept 3-5 Hope your work can bring a good harvest! Enter the official website and use discount code "INS" to check more sales: https://www.spider-farmer.com/
  3. Spiderfarmerled

    2022 New Giveaway Coming!!! 2 Winners!!!--Spider Farmer

    Happy New Year :weed: :weed: :weed: Spider Farmer First Giveaway in 2022 Coming!!! Thanks for all your support in 2021, wish all a Happy & Healthy New Year:D Rules to enter: 1, Follow @Spiderfarmerled 2, Like and Comment this thread (Leave your country) 3, Add hashtag #Spiderfarmerled Spider...
  4. VIVOSUN Official

    Less Heat, More Light-- VIVOSUN New LED Grow Light

    Hi everyone, :weed:We prepare a new LED Grow Light--VS1000E, for or 2 x 2 ft. Small Grow Tent :weed: Package Includes: 1 x LED Grow Light Kit High Efficiency: The improved VIVOSUN 100W LED Grow Light comes with 238 Samsung diodes; With an output of 2.5 umol/J and only 100W of energy...

    HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED grow light review by MIGRO Samsung LM301B LED grow light

    Appreciate shane's review video for our HPF4000 LED,this is a good light for 4x4 flower tent,equipped with Samsung lm301b white diodes and Osram deep red 660nm diodes,powered by Meanwell driver,high quality,value for money!
  6. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Ez 8 1000W LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review

    :clap: Medic Grow Fold 8 LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review
  7. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit Sale--Save Up to $86 Off

    VIVOSUN 48"X48"X80" Grow Tent Complete Kit With VS4000 LED Grow Light Sale You will save up to $86 off to get VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kit with Latest VIVOSUN Led Grow Light. Landing page: https://vivosun.com/
  8. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Giveaway for VS1000 LED Grow Light*2

    Hey everyone, We are going to find two testers for our:weed:VS1000 Led Grow Light.:weed: :leaf:Prize: VS1000 LED Grow Light *2 :leaf:Valid Period: Sep 15th-Sep 25th :leaf:Rules: 1. Follow @VIVOSUN Official 2. Like this thread 3. Share your opinion about VIVOSUN products in the comments...
  9. MedicGrow

    Labor Day Sale On Medic Grow Ez 8 1000W LED Grow Light 15% Off

    Labor Day Sale On Medic Grow Ez 8 1000W LED Grow Light 15% Off Use Code: laborsale
  10. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Givaway is coming

    Hi everyone, We provide VS2000 LED grow light for the winner. Come and join us soon. https://www.rollitup.org/t/vivosun-giveaway-is-coming-win-vs2000-led-grow-light.1060767/
  11. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN Giveaway is coming--Win VS2000 LED Grow Light

    Hi everyone, VIVOSUN Giving is coming.:weed::weed::weed: Prize: VS2000 LED Grow Light *1:leaf: Check it: https://www.amazon.com/VIVOSUN-Samsung-Dimmable-Sunlike-Spectrum/dp/B08GNZ7M74?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 Valid Period: Aug.23-Aug.31:leaf: Rules: 1. Follow @VIVOSUN Official on...
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    Medic Grow LED Grow Light Summer SALE up to 40% OFF!

    MEDIC GROW SUMMER SALE! :hug: :hug: :hug: We’re thrilled to announce that we are having summer sale for the best tunable LED grow lights - Spectrum X & Y.:weed: Just enter code "SSX" for X model: https://medicgrow.com/products/spectrum-x-led-grow-light "SSY" for Y during checkout...
  13. VIVOSUN Official

    VS4000 LED Grow Light Review

    VS4000 LED grow light is powerful, dimmable, excellent hanging apparatus and the diming option for the brightness is really a bonus.
  14. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN LED Grow Light--VS1000

    VIVOSUN VS1000 Grow light Unboxing and Hanging The Latest LED Plant Light Technology - Using Samsung LM301H Diodes, super durable Lower Cost & Higher Efficiency - High-energy efficiency for 2.75 umol/J only consumes 100W of electricity. More efficient than traditional HID lamps. Dimmable...
  15. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN--One-Stop-Shop for Indoor Gardeners

    VIVOSUN is a one-stop-shop that provides an entire range of indoor gardening and hydroponic products. Our main products Indoor Grow Tent Standard grow tent 2-in-1 grow tent roof grow tent LED Grow Light VS1000 VS2000 VS4000 Grow Kit for Beginners VIVOSUN "48X48X80" GROW TENT COMPLETE...
  16. VIVOSUN Official

    Limited Time Sale: Grow Tent Kit|| Up to $60 OFF

    Get $60 off on VIVOSUN "48X48X80 " Grow Tent Complete Kit With VS4000 LED Grow Light: https://vivosun.com/collections/new-release-1/products/vivosun-grow-tent-complete-kit-48x48x80-growing-tent-with-vs1000-led-grow-light-6-inch-440cfm-inline-fan-carbon-filter-and-8ft-ducting-combo Best Choice...
  17. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow LED Grow Light 4th July Sale - 20% OFF

    Hello Growers, this is Medic Grow LED! :hug: The best July 4th sale of Medic Grow is here! :p :p 20% Off Medic Grow Fold-8 and Ez-8. ⚡⚡⚡ The lowest price ever!!! :clap::clap: USE CODE: JULY4 :weed:Get Best Selling Fold-8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light at $524: Medic Grow Fold 8 :weed:Get...
  18. MedicGrow

    Medic Grow Fold 8 LED Grow Light PAR Test & Review

    Medic Grow Fold 8 PAR Test & Review :weed: "In the official test, the Medic Grow Fold 8 delivered an average PPFD of 723.2 µmol/m2. That is a great average, especially for a 5’ x 5’ test. The 723.2 µmol/m2 average across the 2.25 m2 space, means the Medic Grow Fold 8 delivered a Usable PPF of...
  19. Spiderfarmerled

    Growing with SE7000 led, plants love it!!!!

    New led bar design, uniform PPFD distribution. Grow better with Spider Farmer. Use the coupon code: Rollitup to get some discount SE 7000 LED: https://www.spider-farmer.com/SE 7000 LED Grow Light