1. MicroGrowerTim

    Micro Grow LED Lights - Please give me your opinion

    Hello there my fellow growers I've been a little hopeless regardin my little grow lately. Mostly because of the lack of space and lack of light... The only thing I can grow in right now is this little pc grow with 40x40x20cm of space. And I wanted to know what is your opinion regarding these...
  2. HolyGhost23

    Tips for Newbs, things to check first/simple nute method.

    ever since marijuana has become legal to grow in Canada, ive been busy as a consultant for people. I've seen many different grows from small closets to 10K sqft warehouses. it seems like all new growers have the same major issues. plant issues? before even thinking about getting the cal/mag...
  3. D

    HLG 600 R Spec & Mars Hydro FC4800 questions

    Does anyone know if you can remove the driver on the HLG 600 r spec to put outside of tent? Actually let me rephrase that, does the light come with a cord long enough to put the driver outside of a tent? I’m looking into getting a light in my 4 x 4 tent for flower. I am currently looking at the...
  4. T

    long time grower thinking about switching to LEDs

    I am considering starting a new 6 light grow and considering switching two 8 light rooms, from Gavita Pro (double ended) 1000watt lights to the new Gavita LED 1700E (drawing roughly 640watts) Pacific North West (cold winters, hot summers, legal grows) the new room: basement 6.5'ceilings...
  5. H

    Good lights for my mother tent

    What are some good lights i can use to mother out some plants? Planning on taking cuts from my seedlings and mothering them out for my next run. Let me know what lights you guys use for ur mothers.
  6. City_Farmer

    New grow room. No more tent.

    So I have recently decided to get rid of the tent. This being said I've decided to add a 600 watt hps ontop of my existing 2 1000 watt hps. Do you think I could cool all 3 hoods if I use 2 inlines, one on either side. I'm running 4 strains from greenpoint seeds. 6 of each. 6x punch bubble. 6x...
  7. S

    How much light is to much?

    I am having some troubles with my buds becoming dense. I am using the proper nutrients at this time and my research leads me to believe i may have to much light on them. How much light is to much light for 2 flowering plants? I’m using LED. I’m about 9 weeks into flower and it seems that i could...
  8. CrazyDog

    260W QB V2 RSPEC LED Or 135W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit in a 2x4 tent

    Hello guys, I am looking for some new lights and after researching it seems like the HLG are good lights to invest in. I am looking to use a 2x4 tent for flowering and due to wanting to setup a perpetual grow I was thinking that it might be best to use two separate lights instead of one light...
  9. Blossom21

    How far to keep your LED's / Quantum Boards from the canopy?

    This question about lights is probably as old as the first people who started to grow weed with electricity, and has been asked tons of times here too without end in sight. I didn't see a "real dedicated" topic about it either so decided to make one. Maybe some official or unofficial infotopic...
  10. Towelie29

    2x2x4 Tent LED 3500K Light Recommendations

    I kind of want to get a small tent to put in my bedroom closet through the winter. I don't want to spend much so I was going to get a Vivosun tent and 4" fan kit. What I'm looking at now is LEDs. I have two ONEO LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Sunlight 3500K White and Red 660nm grow lights in...
  11. Gtjoker420

    Which light do yall recommend

    So I have the 2 in 1 tent and trying to get the bottom section of the small side setup for vegging. The small side is a 3x1 space. Here's a picture of the space.
  12. Budman42069

    Alaskan thunderfuck

    Recieved this clone 1 week ago. Under 400w mh Fox farm ocean forest, maybe a little too hot at the moment, causing the discoloration on the leaves Just using ph'd water, but will be using the flora nutes from general hydroponics. Waiting on 4 more clones, guptilla, forbidden fruit...
  13. W

    First grow Trying different lights

    Hey y’all. Almost 4 weeks into first grow with “mystery strain” bag seeds. I’ve used 3 lights so far. Germ and seedling I used bestva 1000. It did well but didn’t have the spread I wanted so I returned it and bought 2 Mars ts600 and a dakason 1000. The Mars are definitely brighter than the...
  14. M

    New grower , growing amnesia haze, 2 week old, problems ??!

    Hi guys, I’m very new to growing , in the U.K. where it’s still very much illegal, I’m doing it as I had cancer and i want to make organic good oil to help, I’m only 28, not ready to go yet ! Been around cannabis etc for years, just never tried to grow so I’ve got some LEDS set up, only two...
  15. P

    What do you think about CMH lights?

    Hi! I have never heard before about this type of light for growing herb. They say its really great and it doesnt use much electrity too but its weird is that I dont really see people using it.
  16. T

    My grow set up requirements

    New to the site but been using it for Information and tips over the years, so here it goes with my first post. I'm starting a grow... my flowering room will be 2.4m/1.2m/2m grow tent 8” outtake 6” intake on a fan speed controller. 2 600w looking to do ten lady’s (pineapple chunk) in...
  17. D

    1st time Grower lighting advice

    Hey everyone, this is my first time attempting to grow. I have 2 auto-flowers currently under 2 T8 Fluorescent bulbs(4 ft, 32 W 6500K Daylight) and 3 normal plants(seeds I found in bud). Is this good for veg? Could I use 1 6500K bulb and 1 2700K bulb to keep vegging the 3 normal plants while...
  18. P

    Grow lights

    Just looking for some opinions on the what the best lights to get for a 4x 4x tent, the choices are.. 2 sf-2000 or 1 sf-4000 or hlg 550 r-spec grow light?
  19. T

    Am I using the correct lights ?

    I started using this blue/purple T8 fluorescent light. My babies are very very small (they just germinated) , will this light work ?
  20. S

    Rate my light please.

    So I’m really really worried these light won’t be enough for my grow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.