1. Armyofsprout

    Cross Strain Breeding Help Needed

    Hey everyone, I'm working on making my own cross strain for the first time. I just collected pollen from a male and I put it in some folded aluminum foil and put it in some Tupperware with some rice (for humidity control) and then threw it in the freezer. My plan is to take some seeds that i...
  2. V

    Male or Female?

    I have attached a picture, I’m wondering if the sex of the plant is visible yet or if it’s still too early? To me, it looks like the beginning of a female… is what I’m seeing the “calyx”? Looks pointed to me.. but extremely unsure haha. Thanks in advance :)
  3. W

    Is this a male or hermie?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I started my first set of plants about 2 months back and started the flowering phase around 2 weeks ago. I noticed that one plant was growing much quicker and producing some weird looking buds (I believe they are pollen sacs). I am fairly confident that it is...
  4. K

    My first grow EVER = Failed

    So here’s my first grow. I was super excited as I’ve never grown before. I ran into some struggles along the way with nutes and watering too much but got the hang of it after a little bit. Running these: ProMix BX + Perlite FloraTrio CaliMagic Thrive Diamond Nectar FloraNectar Recharge...
  5. mudballs

    Death of a Salesman

    Not all men are created equal.
  6. PeachHazelx

    Male or female preflower?

    Really having a tough time determining wether to pull this plant or not. Do these look male or female to you guys?
  7. Y

    Is this will be Hermie?? or just male. Please help

    Hey guys.! Have a good day . This is my first grow. :D I'm growing bagseed. A lot of seeds came out from bud, which is not of bad bud quality. I hope it's hermie. 5 weeks have passed for veg, and 10 days have passed since the lighting was changed to 12 hours. All of my 6 trees have some small...
  8. dallywallyfc

    Hermaphrodite plants?

    Hey guys, Currently growing three plants in Australia until I noticed last night that one of my plants was a male. I pulled it away from the other two that were identified definitely as female. But now it’s the next day and I’m looking at my other two, and just want to know if they might be...
  9. MAGpie81

    Will pollen affect young vegging plants?

    Also interested in everyone’s advice on pollen storage (hence why I posted in the breeder’s section ). Had a variety of seeds pop up around Jan.11/2021; it is now Feb.18/‘21. Since you are most likely a breeder reading this here’s the details- Ordered/Shipped through Seedsman- Durban...
  10. Zandersgarden


    Got these seeds from a friend. It’s been 7 days in flower and I see balls but don’t want to jump the gun
  11. Learnin4Lupus

    Specific harvesting questions...

    When harvesting from (1.1) males (1.2) females, is it better to harvest when the plant has been... {a} freshly watered {b} 1-3 days since last water {c} slightly thirsty {d} drooping from thirst {e} other When creating butters/tinctures you {a} you should dry and cure {b} doesn't matter, just...
  12. Learnin4Lupus

    Male plant partial flower?

    I have a male plant (Pete) that was a bag seed and I was keeping it with my other mother plants but recently got a new space for it. However, 2 days before I went to move him, he started popping flowers on one of the four tops. They don't seem to be pollen flowers, but rather actual flowers...
  13. backyard kiwi

    Hermie or what?!

    Hi everyone, So this plant is early into week 2 Flowering, however, despite showing pistils as first sign of sex it’s now showing these as well: Are these male preflowers, or just underdeveloped calyx. Thanks in advance. - BK
  14. O

    Male confirmation please

    Hello, first time posting & growing. My friend gave me a random bag o’seeds and took a stab at it. I’m almost positive from my research these are male but just wanted confirmation if possible. All help is much appreciated, thank you!
  15. KcufUp9

    Hermie? Female? Male? HELP PLS

    So i started 12/12 with what i was sure were 2 females. Ive topped, supercropped, and out them through low stress training. This is /hopefully/ my first personal harvest. Bag seed Normal potting soil, something organic. Tap water, nothing PH'd. 140 watt LED So i dont know if what im seeing are...
  16. G

    Male preflowers?

    This is supposed to be a feminized seed from royal queen seeds but these look like male preflowers to me
  17. T

    Outdoor plants! Help!

    my boyfriend got these outdoor plants from a friend and he’s been told to just dry them out...... but from what I can tell these are male plants? can I get some insight on if they actually are, if we can just replant them and let them grow more to see if we get buds or what! Thank you! No hate...
  18. H

    Sexing help. Is it a dude?

    Is this a male or is it too early to tell? 6 weeks from germ and 1 week from flipping. Pretty sure this is a dude but just wanted to make sure before I chopped it down since this is my first grow.
  19. C

    Male or female? First ever grow

    I got my hands of some weed and there was a hell of load of seeds inside the bud. I decided to grow those seeds on a budget and would be grateful for anybody to let me know if they are female or male! They have been on 12 hours of light for 10 days now. Cheers!
  20. Weouthere

    Do I Have Myself a Herm?

    Hey guys! Out here in the PNW and after transplanting yesterday (5Gal-10gal) I think I might have cause a herm? Or just noticed it today, although I’ve been pretty religious about checking this plants sex because it was a bagseed. Some strong preflowering going on, lots of pistils. I got in...