1. Tolerance Break

    Veg and flower tents in one room, how should I handle climate control?

    I live in Missouri and just got my patient cultivation card. I spent 4 years working at a SOG grow op in my teens and Im copying the ebb and flow w/ rockwool style on a small scale. I own a home, but I have roomates, so I am relegated to my spare bedroom, which is roughly10x10x8 with 2 windows...
  2. K

    Growers Choice Afghan Spring Harvest

    Hello medicinal and non-medicinal growers! We are live in the great state of Missouri! The show me state, gateway to west. And here in Gully town the only way to get your hands on some legal medicinal mj was to order seeds off a sketchy site and grow it yourself. It’s been 5 months misery let...
  3. M

    Missouri announced proposed rules tell me what you think.

    Missouri just announced draft rules. Apparently not etched in stone yet. I have a feeling this is what we are going to end up with. It looks like in order to cultivate your own as a patient you have to give up your 4th amendmemnt rights. You have to agree to allow them into your cultivation spot...
  4. StashToker

    New Approach Missouri

    Anyone in the Missouri area, we need more signatures. Limited time to get this done. If you have family or friends in the Missouri area that hasn't signed please pass the link around. http://www.newapproachmissouri.com/
  5. StashToker

    New Missouri Approach

    If any of you are in the Missouri area, or have family or friends in Missouri. Please visit http://www.newapproachmissouri.com/ We need more people active in making a change.