nute burn

  1. B

    Cal mag deficiency or cal mag burn?

    SPECS: -------------- *Sativa auto - blue amnesia XL (9-10 wks) *Currently 3-4 months of age *1000w per ten plants leds. (Wattage is correct and tested with multimeter) also can't afford anything but leds in Australia with the price of electricity from China is insane. *My third grow with the...
  2. L

    Can't figure out whats wrong

    Any idea whats going on with my two girls here? One is about week 7 The other is week 5 GG#4 Autos by ILGM Grown in coco/pearlite mix 70/30 with general hydroponics tri (micro, gro and bloom) at about 1/4 strength between 1-3 ml per with .5-1 ml of bloom and about 3-5 ml of calmag per feeding in...
  3. killermike

    Potting mix with fertilisers

    Yoza quick noob question. If you use potting soil that has slow release fertilisers already added, (some say up to 4 months) do you still need to add additional nutes? my plant is not looking too good, and started getting yellow burnt looking leaves. I’m pretty amateur, I wasn’t sure if it...
  4. L

    New autoflower grower

    hello, I'm new to growing I'm growing in a 70/30 mix of coco and pearlite. Using the general hydroponics trio. The bigger plant is about 6 weeks along and the smaller is about 3 weeks along, I'm having a hard time figuring if it's nute burns or deficiencys. The strain is Gorilla Glue #4 it's an...
  5. U

    Nute burn and Potassium Deficiency or just nute burn?

    I know I have nute burn on the plant but I'm wondering if it's only a nute burn problem or also a deficiency problem as well? Is this also a potassium deficiency? I am seeing nute burns on the tips but also I am seeing yellowing on the edges of the leaves located at the top of the plant, on the...
  6. MicroGrowerTim

    What is the Diagnosis? Mildew? Nute Burn? Both?

    Hello there my fellow growers Here is my girl with 30 days of her life, right now we are going trough veg on a micro grow with 106W. Recently topped and just started LST. All was good until I noticed some white and yellow spots on the tips of her lower leaves. I believe some of the yellow...
  7. B

    New Growth looks weird ?

    Hi all, so I gave her nutes a couple days ago (fox farm at 25% strength). I’m growing in fox farm happy frog. MarsHydro SP 3000 light at 26 inches. Does this new growth look weird. This is the growth popping up after I LST. Thanks in advance!
  8. C

    In need of some help with these ladies

    In need of some help with figuring out what’s happening to my plants! They are all the same age about 64+ days old northern lights x big bud auto.
  9. CJ0420

    Yellowing leaf tips on young plant

    So to keep things short today I noticed the tips of my lower leaves yellowing and the whole of them leaves also going more lime green my setup: 250w hps General hydroponic flora trio + some cal mag Cana coco + perlite mix Lights on temp maxes about 29c FeedAnd water is ph about 6.2 My first...
  10. B

    Weird new growth, your opinion?

    Hey guys, Been growing this bagseed lady for 10 weeks, already a week into flowering. Lights: CFL 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K Medium: Organic-ish Soil(Mix of 2 types of potting soils with included perlite, organic and mineral fertilizers + added worm castings and used coffee grounds) PH...
  11. B

    Help, leaf burn, don't know the cause

    Hey guys, I've been vegging this bagseed sativa dominant lady for 9 weeks, flipped to flowering about 5 days ago. Micro grow(first) with CFL: Veg: 3 x 23W 6500K = 69W Flowering: 4 x 23W 2700K + 1 x 23W 6500K = 115W LST, topped once + lights close to the plant. She grew short due to the weak...
  12. O

    Lack of Oxygen or Nutrient Excess on seedling?

    Hello all, I've recently begun my first grow, a DWC/bubbleponics setup, 4 plants in 2 20gal totes. I'd made a post about this grow already as I was having big temperature worries. Babies seem to be happy keeping them below 85, & giving a small amount of silica ( i have been keeping track of...
  13. G

    Nute burn?

    Ok so I am still a newbie, and this is only my second grow. Currently using mars hydro 3000 light in a 4x4 grow tent, RDWC system. The humidity and temp are generally around 75- 80 during the day, and 67 - 70 at night, with humidity usually between 40 - 50%. These Strawberry Cough have been...
  14. Medi-Farmer

    Burnt tips, Brown spots & discoloration.

    My two black mamba clones are having issues with what seems like nute burn on new bud growth as well as older fan leaves followed by brown spots & purpling underneath and on top. Not too worried about purple as it’s suppose to with this strain. Using mix of miracle gro organics, Fox farm ocean...
  15. G

    Spotty yellowing with rusted edges on upper leaves... Help please!

    I'm at the end of week 5 of flower and am having a few leaves showing symptoms of a Magnesium deficiency... I think?! I'm using a pH perfect nute system in coco coir (see pics) . Had great success with this system in past grows and no issues like this one. It seems to only be affecting the...
  16. C

    Should I Flush & Harvest Now?

    Hi there - I have a sick plant that has been so for a few weeks. Think it was a mixture of overwatering and nute burn. But now the sugar leaves are going yellow. Should I flush and harvest asap? If not, how long till harvest? Most of the pistils are amber, but the triches look quite clear. My...
  17. C

    Leaves drooping and brown tips

    Hi guys, first time grower here... I’m growing 2 plants in my first grow, both having issues, but different. Check my other threads for my other plant, but here’s the issue with this one: The leaves are looking droopy and some slightly twisted - brown tips on them, as well as on sugar leaves...
  18. C

    URGENT HELP! Plant looks like it’s dying

    Hi guys, My plant is in flower and looks like it’s dying real bad!! What is the issue? Is this nutrient deficiency or nutrient burn? Leaves are yellow pretty much all over, some are brown and crispy. please help!!
  19. C

    Yellowing leaves near main cola

    Hey Rollitup fam, First time grower here... I have an auto flower green crack that is a couple weeks from harvest (I think) lol. Ive started noticing some of the leaves at the top yellowing and turning brown at the tips - there’s also brown tips all around. Is this nute burn? I’m growing in...
  20. L

    Nutrient Deficiency?

    I am new to growing and having some issues. I have only been growing Morrocan kush, but just recently decided to grow multiple strains. I also just switched to General Hydroponics 3 bottle system and CMH lights (was LED). I am having my plants slowly turn yellow at the ends and eventually to...