organic growing

  1. S

    How is this soil recipe from seed to harvest?

    Hi Guys I'm planning for an organic cannabis grow and going ahead with a recipe I found online. My base soil is a 1:1:1 ratio of compost, peat moss and pumice for aeriation. My amendments to these are: 1. Kelp meal, ½ cup per cubic foot of soil* 2. Neem meal, ½ cup per cubic foot of soil 3...
  2. N

    Using bud and bloom with incredible bulk..

    Ive been trying to find a relatively cheap and organic way to grow great crops...ive found if you mix coco coir and perlite at 50/50 or 60/40 (coco being the majority) with 2 cups of bud and bloom for every 5 gallon of soilmix works dress with all purpose 4-4-4 at...
  3. W

    Major Nutrient Deficiencies Growing Organic - PH Problem?

    I am growing organic using the BioCanna line in FFOF. When I mixed the soil I added 1tbsp/gallon of dolomite lime. Throughout the grow I have been ph adjusting my nutrient mix to ~6.2 with Earth Juice Crystals (Soluble Potash). Recently I have noticed one plant quickly showing deficiencies. I...
  4. J

    Organic Grow newbie

    So I'm using basic fox farms soil ocean forest. I want to feed my plants organic nutrients only. I have no idea where to start. What are some things that i can feed my plants? Also has anyone here used Myko's mycorrhizae?
  5. Aruanda

    Harvesting Aloe Vera

    Hi, I've been searching around trying to find out more about harvesting Aloe vera 'leaves' (blades?). All the information I have come across recommends that I cut outer blades at the base of them and remove the whole blade at once. I have one large Aloe plant and it has given a few pups which I...
  6. Groweasy92

    ADVICE PLEASE-Auto Ak/Diesiel +BLackberry + Bulksmash Day 10 LED

    Hey guys! Here are my 10 day old auto plants grown under 130w led grow light, in soil so far have only been using plant start for extra goodness for my plants(+Bonemeal). What are your opinions on my progress? This is my first grow and any advice would be much appreciated
  7. E

    Organic tea watering during a scrog question

    Hello, i had recently just finished my first harvest and i am now starting again, but this time I'm going for a organic scrog. my only dilemma is, I'm not sure how i can feed my plants with my tea through their soil after they have filled up the net? I'm not sure how to get across my tent to the...
  8. MjMama

    Mjmama Gardens

    Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me from last seasons grow journal here. I've been growing weed for several years and recently decided to go back to college for a degree in agriculture. Hopefully my prior experience and increased education will come together to make this a great year. I'll...