1. dbz

    Ah the pain of trying new things and screwing up

    I took my first proper dab from a banger a few weeks ago. Granted when I was younger we just used hot knives and nails and random hash or kief. Anyways I digress. I will always remember this experience as I set the piece down and reached across the table to grab...OUCH! Well at least it has...
  2. SmokingCrow

    Lots of choices: extract for oil/tincture

    Been lurking and learning. My wife has been smoking joints and the outcome of my non-scientific experiment has been positive; it temporarily reduced some severe conditions she endures on a daily basis that includes pain, seizures, and anxiety. It has also confirmed my theory cannabis would help...
  3. Roguevector420

    Purchasing help

    So I've been a patient since 3/19 I've been able to afford to go to the dispensery literally 2 times. I make 18k a year before taxes. I gave up on my doctors who just kept throwing pills at me and wanted something better for myself... I cannot afford. Pa mmj. Cant get insurance to get it. Can't...
  4. P

    How many days to get your e-mail to purchase Florida medical marijuana?

    I am in Florida and went to the doctor today and got approved. I went home and filled out the form to send online. It said 7-10 days to get my application looked over and officially approved. Just curious how many business days or days did it take for you to get your approval via e-mail here in...
  5. F

    WOW Poppy pods

    I just got some poppys for decor purposes but I wanted to know if anyone had heard of this site they are huge freeking pods and free shipping also is it safe to smoke with?? Farmfreshdecors gmail Com
  6. freemanjack

    Cannabis - How It Heals

    A huge subject, about which many consider me an 'expert' but personally I'm more the blind man who has spent time familiarising themselves with a room. I am NOT medically qualified so speak utterly from personal experience and my amateur researches. Firstly we need to establish why we experience...
  7. M

    Excruciating pain after smoking.

    I'm 18, and I've been smoking regularly, on a daily basis since about my freshman year in highschool. Recently I haven't been able to smoke without having an excruciating pain in my abdomen. I don't necessarily believe it is weed causing my pain, as it's there whether I smoke or not, smoking...
  8. C

    Ladies there is a new product out there "marijuana tampons" yes really

    Here is the article I read, perhaps one day they will be readily available to any woman.
  9. P

    Need Help Coping with I.C. (Interstitial Cystitis)

    I've had suffered a constant bladder pain along with the urge to go constantly for three going on four years now and have been on and off various medications for it. While none have even touched it for good, at first if they do work, the medications have caused me to go into retention or just a...
  10. S

    Black Mamba - Easy grow - Incredible for Pain

    I have suffered for nearly 30 years with Chronic Pancreatitis. The hallmark symptoms are extreme pain and nausea. I wont go into the details of the disease since you can look it up if you wish. However, my 3 grown sons came to me one night and talked me into smokig some weed to see if it...
  11. C

    terminal melanoma treatment

    Hi everyone, so I am a total newbie to the idea of growing this plant, and I have never smoked it-ever!!! but my Dad has just been diagnosed with terminal melanoma and this may be his only hope. I never realised that there were different strains of cannibas, so.. which one should I be looking...
  12. elkamino

    Cannabis in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

    A few years back my right hand was 90% severed and surgically reattached. I'm mostly functional but still have chronic pain. Over the years I have used all kinds of pain meds/treatments but mostly use 3 drugs depending on severity- cannabis (daily), ibuprofin (3-15x weekly) and oxycodone (few...
  13. 420BongRips

    Opinions on Poppy Seed tea? A.K.A. Opium

    I love it. I endure some chronic pains and I have my good days and I have my bad days. I don't like using lab made drugs like oxycodone, vicodin etc. they do the job and get rid of the pain but the feelings it leaves me with is bothersome and annoying during and especially after the effects...