plant problem

  1. H

    Anyone know what this is. Tops fold up only at night..?

    So I’ve posted about this before while I had another issue. I got one issue resolved but I’m still wondering what the cause of this is. During the day, my plants seem in normal health , nothing out of the ordinary. But as the day goes on the tops start to slightly taco and then eventually just...
  2. A

    I have no clue what this is

    So a little opening details. This is my first grow. I am 30 days into flower currently. 5 gallon pots 250w super hps in 3x3x6ft tent. The air flow outtake goes outside, passive intake on bottom. Sadly no oscillating fans, but I have 2 stagnant fans directing airflow to carbon filter in tent and...
  3. A

    Drooping leaves, Dark Green

    So as title says, the leaves are drooping and are dark green. I read this could be a N excess. Curious what other people think. I have two other plants that are not doing this. It has gotten a bit worse in the last day or two. The bottom leaves are now just laying on the soil... . The issue...
  4. A

    What could this be?

    I have 3 plants. Possible overcrowding. So if this plant is donezo I can accept that and pursue the other two more vigilantly. I'm not really sure what this could be, I have treated this plant the exact same as the other two. I realize its small plant in big pot but its too late for that so I...
  5. StinkyBoots89

    Little lean to them

    Hey! Newbie here and we are SUPER pumped (and very much helicopter parents). Two of our little seedlings are a little lean-y. Setup for now: LED grow light 18/6. Purple/red grow light to supplement around 12/12 (overlapping the LED full spectrum). Coco-perilite mix. Only watered with plain water...
  6. G

    What's wrong with my ak47?

    Hi guys, i have some ak47's and one of them is stuck at preflowering. The top of the plant, all leaves are curled upside or i don't know how to say. They are different, but the rest of the leaves are normal. And the pistils that shows sex, are burned.. What is the problem? U can see in pics...
  7. K

    Leaves yellowing in flowering stage?

    Hi guys, first attempt at a grow and I got a fem W.W. in soil under 300W LED’s in her 5th week of flowering. I noticed last week that some leaves at the base were yellowing and assumed that was normal until I checked a few days ago and noticed that it’s rising up the plant pretty quickly. 2...
  8. N

    (help!) Whats wrong with my plant? brown spots on leaves and lightening of leaves

    Hello, could someone please let me know what the issue is here? I think it might be a calcium deficiency however im still rather new to growing these bad boys. If anyone could help out my baby please provide information as well. Thank you! Ive also included the nutrients i feed my girl with...
  9. K

    Bottom leaf tips are yellowing/burning?

    Hi! Newbie here worried about my first grow. I’ll admit right off the bat that I am pretty uneducated with this stuff, and am doing this mostly for experimental fun, so I apologize beforehand. I currently have my ~3wk old fem W.W. in a 2gallon fabric pot of FFOF. She’s chilling in a 2x2x4 grow...
  10. C

    Help i'm not sure what this is

    Hi, First time grower in Coco. I'm using Canna coco Pro in 30 Litre fabric post. I'm using Canna coco, Rhizotonic and Coco Cal. I have a 1.2 by 1.2 by 8 foot Gorilla tent with a Adjust awing Avenger shade with 2x Philips CMH bubs. Running a 18 veg cycle during the night with temps from 23-26C. I...
  11. Gaston676

    Leaves turning lighter green, some brown spots, vegetative stage

    Hello! My plant problem is as follows: The plant is growing outdoors and i feed it water and sometimes water on which i boiled vegetables (after it cooled of course) for nutrients A week ago leaves started getting yellow and also shows some brown spots. Im worried because there is some leave...
  12. T

    Plant problem

    I have no clue what is going on here I use fox farms trio plant is somango xxl in ground it's not a nitrogen deffincy because I feed fnuff nitogen and the stem isn't turning purple stays whitish please please help thanks
  13. Heatherlu

    What's Happening to my fan leaves?

    I grow indoor and currently have two strains growing. One strain is doing great, perfectly fine- and the other isn't. No signs of bugs but it looks like the leaves are being chewed from the base of leaf and some actually have holes in center leaves. But white-ish pale on outer leaves. Anyone...
  14. U

    Only experienced master growers please.

    As an experienced grower, I'm curious to find out what other experienced growers are using nowadays and what is your best advice for newbies. What nutes do you use and why? include cost, why do you use them? Do you bubble your water if so.... how long and why? When do you PH how do you keep it...
  15. U

    How do you mix your hydro nutrients? And what do you use? Only master growers please.

    As an experienced grower, I'm curious to find out what other people are using nowadays and what is most effective. Do you bubble your water if so how long and why? Is your water hard or soft? Do you use RO filter? What advice would you give to a new grower to help avoid problems?
  16. persian.toker

    Slow groth, White widow automatic RQS

    Hey there best people in the world. So I have plant (ww automatic RQS) that sprouted in coco 28 days ago, it looks healthy and is producing new growth but compared to my previous grows of the same strain, it's extremely small. Is this normal at day 28? Should I keep it or kill it?
  17. Nakastorm

    plant problems... overwatering maybe? please help...

    Alrighty guys, story time and picture time. 25 days ago I transferred plants from inside to outdoor and they took to the transfer nicely, I'll provide a picture of them after the transfer, about a week or two time after the transfer. Everything was going nicely. You can see the nice color and...
  18. FoliarFeeder16

    Help, yellowing leaves and sad plants

    So about two weeks ago I transplanted my plants into 1 gallon containers, and to me it seemed as they hated it. Ph’ed The water with Botanicare grow and Watered them. Soon after they seemed as if they had been overwatered. Were droopy. I’ve overwatered in the past before (different grow) and I...
  19. B

    Safer Brand Garden Fungicide on PM during late Flower phase

    Hello, I’m in my last couple weeks until harvest, and towards the bottom of my plant is showing signs of PM, I’m about a week to two weeks out from harvest. Will spraying Safer Brand Garden Fungicide affect the bud quality? It states good to spray up until harvest. But I’d like to know anyone...
  20. JaredTheJeweler

    Is this TMV???

    Hey guys finally got around to popping some beans and I'm about 21 days in on my first home grow. Everything looks good on my other plants but my CFF Tangie looks like it has TMV. Can anyone confirm this or share what they think may be causing this problem?