1. Kipkib

    Week 3 of flowering Ethopian shashamani sativa

    Here is week 3 of flowering for the Ethopian shashamani sativa. It has been a long journey being my first time to grow.
  2. D

    First time buying seeds. could use help.

    I been indecisive for months on seeds to buy. Im looking for a racy tippy overwhelming sativa and a relaxing indica with a nice body high. I looked at mass medical, csi humbolt, mr nice and so many more breeders and countless strains. I jus need some recommendations and seed banks with them...
  3. MAGpie81

    DurbanPoison- Have you grown it and...

    ...what was your grow like? Seed or Clone, and where from?- Verified pure Landrace, or a little mixed (like the ones I got through Dutch Passion seeds which says there was some unknown Indica crossed with theirs during the ‘80s to help with colder-clim Climate/Geography? Hours of FULL-sun...
  4. Anonymouskilla13

    Estimated yield on 4-sour diesel,4-durban poison

    First time sativa grower in a 8'x6'x5.5' room,using 600 hps,4 bulb t5 54 watt agromax bloom bulbs,mars hydro ts 1000,& mars hydro 600 and 65 watt cfl 2700k.Ocean forest,happy frog,perlite mix in 5 gal airpots,using dirty dozen nutes.I let them get too tall before stretch so put scrog net on top...
  5. C

    Growing Pineapple Express (Femininized Photo) - Sativa Dom

    Does anybody have any tips on growing this strain I can not find much information online about exactly how to grow this strain and I am new to growing. Right now the seedling is 6 days old from sprouting. Here is my setup: Grow Tent: Mars Hydro 2.3 x 2.3 x 5.25 Mars Hydro TS1000 (150w from the...
  6. killermike

    What Strain HELP

    Hey guys I have been given two plants from two different sources. I am having trouble figuring out what they are. I’m leaning towards the plant on the right being a hybrid, indica dominant, like 70% And the one on the left being a hybrid as well, but with a even close to 50/50 split. One...
  7. Tweak82

    Veg Times

    Until my last grow I had been growing in coco with liquid nutrients. Last time I went with an organic super soil grow, it went great except my girls didn’t put on the usual weight. I’m thinking because I was used to coco I was used to only worrying about top mass before flower forgetting about...
  8. F

    Advice + Help for diagnosing 16 day old seedlings?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some advice for my seedlings. I planted these two sativa seeds at the same time 16 days ago and, although they have been growing okay, both seedlings have developed a yellow tint towards the center. On top of this, the seedling on the left is developing slower...
  9. Alazzzar

    What is this discoloration?

    The stain is Mango Kush growing in soil indoors. Day 112 (from seed) 6 week flower Is this how the leaf of Mango Kush looks like? Could this be genetic? I gave it a too much water yesterday for sure..
  10. Alazzzar

    400 hps from above + Side lights..effective?

    *Repost Yessirr! I’m back like I never left with those stupid questions of mine.. Anyways.. Yesterday I installed 2 new LED lights 100w x2 (=200w) I got a 400w hps already installed there. My questions are: Does side lighting increase yield? Effective with a pair of LEDs or useless? Does it...
  11. Alazzzar

    What is this on plants?

    What is this? Is how buds develop? Is it herm or anything negative? (week 5-6 of flowering)
  12. Alazzzar

    Is this fn Nanners? (Photo update)

    **Photo update, from the earlier yellow light pictures.** (sorry for the spam btw..don’t know how to delete this thread.?) :wall: I posted some update photos of my plant earlier and heard this could be Nanners or Foxtailing.. peace
  13. Alazzzar

    My plant is done! Harvest photos.

    Thank you foks, y’all been really helpful. Here’s the update As I promised. :weed: I harvested it. And weight came in at 150g with branches.. Northern light (Autoflower) With Hesi and Gold label nutrients. Indoor. Grow tent. 87 days from seed to harvest. 400w hps. Any drying/curing advices?
  14. Alazzzar


    Is this nanners? I’ve read some articles about it..from my point of view there’s nothing.. What do y’all think?:leaf:
  15. Alazzzar

    Is this nanners?

    I posted a thread in the wrong category. (Link down) Its about my plant in flowering with photos of the whole plant and buds. Maybe you’ll spot any nanners. Would’ve appreciated the help:weed:
  16. Alazzzar

    Do you see any Nanners?

    I’ve been posting some threads about my plant lately. I came across some few people who think they spotted nanners. Personally I don’t see any nanners. But I don’t know 100% how nanners look.. What do y’all think? Do you see any? *mango kush I’m worried I’ve fucked this one...
  17. Alazzzar

    Does my plant look okey? (At flowering)

    I forgot to water my plant 9 days ago, and it was very dry the two last days. Does it look like its growing right now? in color, size, thrichomes? (if u can see any) I feel like the tips on the leaves are a bit pointy, and that I may have over-trimmed the whole plant..Am I overthinking...
  18. Alazzzar

    Based on the Thrichomes, harvest ready?

    Is Northern Light(auto) supposed to look so dark in color, Am I overthinking? :lol: Btw. About 9 days ago I forgot to water my plant, and the soil was dry for 2 days (starving), soo the plant looked like this . But 2-3 days before it started drying out it was looking like this. I’m...
  19. Bigjacky420

    Odd coloration on leaves

    Hi guys, I am currently experiencing problems with my cannabis plant I do not know if she is sick or not I cannot identify the problem and i would like some help to find out what’s wrong with my sick cannabis plant. The plant is female mama Thai, landrace sativa.It had no problems until last...
  20. M

    Is this rot or spider mites?

    I have 6 outdoor plants and I'm planning to harvest this week. I'm worried Plant #2 is rotting and needs to be thrown away. What do you all think? Plant 1: I noticed one dead bud yesterday This is a large 5.5' tall blue dream sativa (I have 2 of these). I did not find any other dead buds on...