sick plant

  1. C

    Overwater or nutes problem as well

    Hey guys first time indoor grower here an trying to get some clarity on some of my plants! First pics are of my 2x4 400w led ufo light with two fans an temp an humidity stays around 81- 73 humidity 55 to 58! All plants are grown in fox farm potting soil with perlite added to them! I thought I...
  2. Fotogrf

    I think i messed up?

    I'm thinking nut burn or overwatered. New grower. Growing indoor bush doctor coco Loco. 42 days old big bud auto flower. Using general hydroponics fertilizer.
  3. C

    Possibly a Cal mag def.

    Hi so I am in the begining of week 6 of Veg and was planning on flipping my girls to flower in 6 days. I just noticed these brown or looks like purplish spot in some of the bottom leaves and a few of the top leaves. I’ve done some research and I think it’s a calcium magnesium deficency. Can...
  4. FoliarFeeder16

    Yellow/White Spots on Leafs

    These couple of days I've been posting frequently, I am just trying to get everything right as soon as possible. One of my Gelato plants as posted has been suffering quite a bit. The other, not too much. However, I did notice spots on the leafs. It is really light yellow spotting that seems to...
  5. FoliarFeeder16

    HELP Taco’ing leafs

    this gelato plant took a turn for the worse today. This morning it looked fine. However around evening time it’s starting curling its leaves in half like a taco. I came in to check up on it and it looks even worse than before. Watering might be my issue. I watered it on the 14th using tap water...
  6. FoliarFeeder16

    Plant Seems to be on nutrient lockout

    Good morning guys. I recently began growing once again after years. I sprouted a couple seeds of some skywalker Og and my plant was looking good. Up until I began its second feed of nutes. I’m giving it fox farm nutrients. I’ve always PH my water at 6.4-6.8. This second watering (after it was...
  7. ddeck96

    New growth nodes shriveling and dying???

    Today I cam into the room and noticed that two of my four plants new growth nodes are starting to shrivel up. They have this pale color to them and some of the tips have turned this dark color. Please help!!! Strain: huckleberry Temp: 73F Rh: 45-50 Medium: hydro RDWC water temps: 68-70
  8. H

    Not sure what’s causing this weird growth in my whole tent. Please help!

    So I’ve been vegging these plants for ~45-50 days. I started to have some weird growth issues that I thought was ph, then I figured it was my vpd. My humidity was too low for a while, but everything in my room is on point now. I’ve noticed that the tops of my plants are relatively normal during...
  9. Alazzzar

    could tips of leaf point out of buds?

    Could tips of leaf point out of buds without it being nanners?
  10. G

    Plant Diagnosis

    Hello, can someone help me ID this issue? pH at 5.9, air temp ranges from 72 to 82 F, rez temp ranges from 60-74 F, RH ranges from 44-57% (have to run AC to keep temps down), EC currently at 0.5, plant is a few weeks old. Noticing leaf discoloration and slight curling. Using quantum boards at...
  11. D

    Help question on Amend soil aluminum sulphate ??

    I had a quick question(question at end) I can't seem to get a answer for. I am a beginner grower in his first grow, so heres the issue and question. Plants are 1 month old, only 1 of 6 is sick. Soil Runoff PH was 7.3 and I feed on and off at 6.3 so I believed its getting locked out. PPM in...
  12. M

    18 day old plant suddenly wilted

    My friend who lives in a legal state sent me these photos. It’s an 18 day old auto white widow. It’s their first grow. They said it’s at 59% RH, temp 79.7F under a galaxy hydro 300w 9-band LED and 1 5000K CFL. Soil medium FFOF with 30% added Perlite. Trash can micro grow! Air intake: 1x 120mm PC...
  13. E

    Royal Bluematic!! May need help.

    I have this auto going in my new tent she has been going solid for 7 weeks now I had some heat and light issues but so far adding fans and moving the lights up is taking care of it but just these last 2 days I've noticed she has started showing spots after a solid flush I've never run into a...
  14. Issamemario

    Help, leaves are so yellow.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on my second grow. My first grow was half coco/soil and was very successful but this time around I did pure coco with 25% perlite. My ph is at 6.0 and my EC is around 1400. On this particular plant I'm using a marshydro 300 eco that is about 25 inches from the...
  15. C


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  16. B

    Whats wrong with my fan leaves ?

    Hi everyone, trying to find out what's happening with my leaves.
  17. T

    Help pleaasee! Yellowing and spots

    Last week she had great color, now the leaves are becoming yellow and im starting to see brown spots. The other 2 seem happy, its just one, and the problem started just a week ago. She is at mid week 6 and is a 55-65 days strain (Lemon Og Candy) , im feeding her sensi bloom at 50% strenght...
  18. Yesyes3000

    Can I please get some help saving this plant ?

    Hello everyone So I have a sour diesel plant that a friend had and it was in ruff shape. So I did a flush about 2 days ago and it’s still looking ruff. Looking for some help on what to do ??? Poor thing is hurting. I flushed it 12 days ago and again two days ago and transplanted it into a new...
  19. B

    Help my baby's are sick

    Hi all need some help, hp leves are correct, took it out of a pot and but it in a the breathable bags, but from yesterday they have got alot worse can you help, my other plants look like they are doing ok it's just two and they are 2 different type of autoflower seeds
  20. garden420love

    Please help! My babies are sick!

    Sup everyone. I’ve ran into a serious problem with my two ladies and figured I’d ask for some expertise. These girls are 38 days old in VEG. Grown from seed. So here’s my setup and what I’ve been doing: •32”x32”x62” tent •cold air intake (from the bottom of tent) •carbon filter...