1. stealthfader508

    2021 Massachusetts Outdoor Growers

    I'm not sure about the rest of you guys, but I'm so ready to move on from 2020. It was a great season from a growers perspective ... most of us had more time at home to spend in the garden, and we had outstanding fall weather ... but everything else pretty much went to shit, and so I'm excited...
  2. M

    Just saying hello!

    Hey folks! I'm not new to growing, but I'm new to RIU. I'm hoping everyone gets along and stays HIGHLY blessed and favored. I'll be growing Big Bud Fem this season, starting germination tomorrow. I'll also add a couple more strains, just don't know
  3. buzzardbreath

    Water Cured, definitely worked

    My plant is over-ripe by most growers' standards. So me being the perpetual student, I decided to wait a few more weeks before chop. But, I had to test it; so I plucked some and dried it in the oven on low heat for minutes. When it felt dry enough, I dry herb vaped it. Buzz was a little racey...