1. G

    Sea Of Green Canopy

    Hello, Question. I have 3 plants in 25L Fabric pots with a 1.2m scrog LST and 2 600w ballasts, if i supercrop all vegetation from screen under, also half way up wards, where light isnt penetrating, would that result in maximum potential end yield. Im in 2nd week Flowering today (Saturday) Many...
  2. KnewpKnewp87

    Organic No Dig - Winging it!

    Ok guys, gonna try to lay it out here. I pulled the trigger and decided I'd just figure it out as I went. 40 gallon tote. Was vermiculture bin. Worms drowned (oops). I added peat/perlite/sand to the worm compost / organic matter that was left in the bin to fill it out. Along with a little...
  3. 9BestBudz0

    Any comments would be great!

    Hey guys so these are my plants so far I have trained them and snip them and this is what they look like now getting ready to switch to flower I did super crop them. Let me know what you think
  4. G

    1st Grow At End Of Flower-feedback?

    1st grow in the great state of VT. 2x4 tent w HLG 320 xl qb324. Been peekin trichomes a lot lately, love to hear any feedback anyone might have. 2 plants. Unless I fucked the seeds up left should be dinafem bubba kush CBD, right is Canuck seeds Jack Herer. (Both feminized). Mainlined and...
  5. Sexx Pistils

    Supercropping ?uestions

    Heya, just had a few questions about supercropping after doing some preliminary research on it. I'm too far into my current grow to try it now but definitely want to next time. I've read about a technique called "hurd-breaking" where you sort of squish the stem without actually bending it...
  6. JohnnyCypher

    Progress Check - 60day Critical Mass

    Hey all, Just a post to see how ppl think im going with my grow. First time grower and just lost a lot of bagseed 90 days in when 4/4 hermied! Have 2 fem Critical Mass 60 days in vege under 2x 250w mh and 2x 125w cfls running aqua flakes on a tdw res. Ec around 1.5 to accommodate for younger...
  7. Danny88


    So I have done supercroping before but what would happen if you supercroped the supercrop several times while pruning plant to keep limited tops would the branches keep getting bigger or should you only ever supercrop one spot only once
  8. Invisighost

    Dog Supercropped my Autoflower

    Hey guys, so I woke up this morning and realized my [email protected] dog decided I wasn't growing properly and he didn't do his research on supercropping autoflowers. He decided to do it for me, breaking the main cola over (and many other branches) when I'm a few weeks away from harvest :---/ Anyways...
  9. Capi jack

    1st scrog

    Incredible bulk Chronic haze 3 of each under 1mx1m net squares 2"x2" 600hps in coco perlite Transplant n super cropped 3days ago and net put on. I'm wanting to flip next week.nets prob 75-80% fill. Do let it go? Do tuck to create new bud sites or do I tuck to make even canopy?
  10. Ras Moe

    First Timer, top and supercrop, scrog too?

    I really would appreciate some feedback from some experienced artists out there. (Forgive me, I can be a little wordy.) I haven't grown any plants in like 22 years. Back then, I was definitely far from a professional grower. We just still had seeds in our $20 per eighth herb. I would just plant...
  11. MassHeads

    Galaxy Hydro 300w 2X2ft. LED Grow (154 actual watts)

    Hi all, I am a somewhat newbie grower doing my first LED grow. I have grown twice before with between 250 and 350w of CFL’s, but those grows were very low budget and poorly controlled in an unventilated closet. Not Took in something like 25 and 40 grams off of some unhealthy, heat stressed...
  12. D

    Scrog sog lollipopping fiming topping

    Wanted a forum to discuss techniques, pros cons and all the information betweens. What methods do you swear by?
  13. D

    Scrog sog lollipopping fiming topping

    Wanted a forum to discuss techniques, pros cons and all the information betweens. What methods do you swear by?