twisted leaves

  1. V

    Slow growth and twisted leaves

    Hi guys, need some help! The plant is about 4 weeks old since sprout and it hasnt grown much, top leaves are starting to turn very light green color and bottom leaves are starting to twist. I've also noticed that the soil takes about 3 days to dry out. Isnt that a little too long? The pot have...
  2. J

    Plant Problem - Twisted deformed seedling

    Hey Everyone! This is my first post and grow and I need some advice. I'm growing in a bubbleponics DWC setup using general hydroponic nutes. Lighting is a 450w LED with dimmers. Dimmer are 80% blue and white and 30% red. Ph is about 5.7 and ppm is 130. First week was plain ph'd water. Temps...
  3. L

    Help, droopy and twisted leaves

    Hi everyone, Here's my last beautiful plant. She's a Rare Dankness seed and she was been planted in a mix of biobizz light mix, 10% worm casting, a small cup of hydrated lime and a sparkle of myco over the seedling root. She's 25 days old and I still didn't give additional nutes but I'm...
  4. L

    Please help my plant to recover

    Hi guys, My plants got some problems. As you can see, the leaves are drooping and twisting. I didn't give any fertilizer for 15 days because of a overfert suspect, then I started again with a 0.5ml/L. After a couple of days I had to transplant on a larger pot. The ph seems fine, it should be...
  5. Macintyre22

    New leaves are twisting, any ideas?

    So I've noticed on a couple of my plants in my tent, the new vegetation is twisting/curling. If you have any experience dealing with this or even if you have any input as to how or why this would happen, feel free to drop me a tip. I would really appreciate it!
  6. S

    Silver mountain, twisting leaves - mites?

    Hi guys, my silver mountain mother has a problem with it’s leaves, just want some second opinions. Admittedly conditions have not been ideal for this girl, started off as a clone in coco in about a 120mm diameter pot and due to my ph meter failing had a slow start and wasn’t growing, to cut a...
  7. budsfordayz

    White Moth Caterpillars and twisting growth

    Hey guys! It’s outdoor season here in the north and my plants have been in veg since about April 27th. Started then indoor under a t5 moved them out about may 24th. Recently I been seeing bite marks on the leaves that look like catipillar. Also I seen some dead leaves aswell looks like they...
  8. Overcomplicatotron

    Neem Oil and Green Cure Mix - A Precautionary Tale

    Ladies... Gentlemen... Hermies... Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for everything everyone has contributed to the collective knowledge of growing cannabis. I love this place. Let me start by saying that this is by no means an indictment of Green Cure or Neem Oil. I've...