yellow spots

  1. G

    Brownish yellow spots. Help please!

    I noticed these little brownish yellow spots on multiple of my plants today. Started from seed about 2 weeks ago, Ocean Forest and Happy Frog mix. Under HLG 100 using BioCanna Vega and Rhizotonic and following their personalized feeding. PH water after bytes around 6.3-6.5. I’ve had temps at...
  2. H

    Brown and yellow spotting

    I have a few plants that are having this problem with the leaves having brown and yellow spots on them. Any idea what this could be?
  3. A

    Yellowing veins & New Growth

    Hey Everyone! First time outdoor grower here. I'm growing 5 White Widow autoflower plants from ILGM. All of the plants seem healthy except for one which has yellow veins, yellow new growth, and one yellow spot on a leaf (hard to see the spot in the photo). The sick plant is 12 days from...
  4. BWestN2shoes

    Hopefully shes not completely dead

    Well I thought I would get away cheap without having to buy a light for the rainy and cloudy days. I have a 500w t3 halogen bulb and after doing the conversion it equaled 50w LED. So my smartass looked at the chart about how far do you keep a 50w led= 18in so you know what imma say lol I put my...
  5. J

    Newbie with plant ?

    Hi all, this is my first grow and 2 of my plants have issues. Both 9 weeks old. The first is stunted with yellow/brown spots (pics attached)- I feed weekly and the ph is 5.2. The second is sour diesel and is not stunted but some leaves are curling down (see pics). I feed this one weekly. Any...
  6. M

    Yellow splotches on fan leaves?

    Hello all, I have a northern lights auto from seedsman in about its 4th week of life. Ever since about week 2 it has developed these yellowish spots on some of it's leaves. They dont appear to spread very quickly and dont appear to be holding the plant back, but I noticed what looked to be the...
  7. G

    Small yellow spots and curling of leaves? Help

    Hi all, nubie grower here. Wondering if you all could provide some help with my little seedlings. I see the start to some slight yellowing of the leaves on the tips and just slight curling on the back portion of the leaves. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. L

    Yellow spots

    SOS will this kill me
  9. L

    Yellow spots on my bud

    SOS will I die
  10. Emiliano Bove

    Strange yellow spot on leaves

    So today i noticed strange yellow spots and even Black spots (or holes i do not know) on the leaves of my 25 day old NL. Probably a sort of parasite like bug or fungi?? I even noticed pistils, and i don't know if It Is a good sign in a so young plant. There are some photo.
  11. NuttySlayer420

    Yellow spot on leaf

    anyone know what this is its on the one leaf and im preety shure it will eventually spread i transplanted a while ago and had a hard time doing so could that be the reason from shock
  12. K

    Shiny Leaves and Yellow Spots

    Hi! This is my first time growing. My plants are beautiful and around 4 weeks old. I haven't had any problems until today when i checked on them. One has a fairly large yellow spot with another spot on the three lobed leaves that is shiny and slightly yellowed. My other plant has tiny pale green...
  13. G


    Ok so I've ran into my first snag. I got home from work an hour ago (graveyards ugh) and I checked the girls out and my tallest plant seems to have a couple discoloured leaves. Kinda yellowish but not so much? It's just a couple leaves and it doesn't look too bad, there's also a couple small...
  14. SirCannadid

    Plants Dying?

    Hi, this is my first grow, here is what I'm working with Light: 400 Watt MH-about two feet from plants Soil: Happy Frog in cloth buckets Water: Every 3-4 days Nutes: Fox Farm TRIO Growing: GG#4 Auto Age: Approx. 3 1/2 weeks Temp-72-79 Humidity: 50-70 The growth on two of my plants has me...
  15. U

    Problem with One Plant in Garden

    noticed the spots you'll see early on on this one plant. Strain is Tangie I have one other in garden not exhibiting same symptoms. New room as well. Soil is a self mixed super soil tyatbis mixed into the bottom half of all pots in garden, Light warrior on top. Noticed one or two spots...
  16. N

    can anyone tell me what this is?

    I've been fighting this for 3 cycles now and I'm desperate for some answers. Yellow spots start appearing on leaves, leaves turn compl.yellow, die and fall off, branches seem to grow fine, Ph is 6.5--7.5 . Any ideas would be highly appreciated, Mahalo,Aloha,Nort.51
  17. M

    my leaf tips are dying and yellow spots

    Hey everyone for the past 3 days ive noticed some symptons on my plant there is some clawing on the new growth but the thing im worried about is that my leaf tips are turning really dark and dying and i see yellow spotting aswell the plant is abt month old and i suspect bug problem aswell ill...
  18. Red42Zer0

    What am I doing wrong here?

    I am doing my first ever indoor grow consisting of 2 autos under 400w HPS HID's. I have given them a couple different nute solutions but have stopped for now due to the yellow spotting on the leaves. I'm attaching a couple current pics from 6/8/16.
  19. C


    Please someone can anyone tell me what these orange spots are from?? Only one plant is doing this. And one other one i think is starting to as well but not as much as this one
  20. Bulletproof_Love

    Leaves have tiny yellow spots.

    Overall plant looks good. Just being cautious.