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Hello Shua, Can u please tell me where u got the Ace seeds from? I am in the
US and Ace won’t deliver to USA. I am looking for a high potency strain
(effect wise) and could u tell me which of the Ace strains should l buy?
Thank you v much
II ordered from choice seeds, it's based in the UK I believe.
I'd recomme d golden tiger if you dont mind 13-15 weeks of flower
Shua thanks for replying. Is the golden tiger fem or regular?
Which is better? Thanks
Hey there! I saw your post about getting the Black Cherry Soda cut back from a trusted source. I've been growing a BCS dominate cross for the last 7 years and have fallen in love with her genetics. I've been looking for people who are more knowledgeable about the strain to kind of pick their brain about her and her breeding potentials.
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The cross I was given was called "Cream" and the breeder said it was Black Cherry Soda crossed with Triple Threat it came out of the bay area. She has been such a treat in the garden... I am hoping to get seeds or a cut of her. I am in love with this particular genetic.
I had to redo my account on rollitup so they won’t let me dm because I’m “new”. Do you have a ig account so I can ask you a few questions? Thanks I appreciate it.
Yo I'm right their with ya homegirl. I'm trying like hell to find something with no luck and here has been either yet. I'd appreciate it if you had a souce online for it. JWH or some similar in case it was obvious. In US btw.
Hey I came here looking for the same thing you did. Ever get any suggestions of legit site to order it? I've been looking in person and online all over and no luck.
Whatever happened with the bids after reveging. Same thing happened to mine I hope it turns into a monster crop I want to send you pics. There's tons of crystals already but they re stretching big time.
Hey man, wondering how things are going for you.
I can't simply abandon a brother Sheep hunter - post some pic's, I'm missing hunting them bad!!