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Mar 20, 2017
May 6, 2006
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Administrator, from superstoning

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Mar 20, 2017
    1. blake9999
    2. Mysticalgrower94
      Just wondering if you guys are working on the "upload/view files" problem? Would like to attach a photo to my thread. Thanks.
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      2. sunni
        did you click the "x" button it to turn it off?
        Feb 12, 2017
      3. Mysticalgrower94
        Feb 12, 2017
      4. sunni
        that would be why you havent seen it since than
        Feb 13, 2017
    3. brb182
      Hello I need your help, can you PM me? Thanks
    4. verny
      hi superstar rajini e boss...im sad to say im leaving riu for a diff forum..cld u plse help me take down all my threads..i think ive overstayed my welcome...tnk u!!!
      1. sunni
        We do not that do that, it messes with the forum
        Nov 27, 2016
    5. E.A. Ridgill
      E.A. Ridgill
      HI, I would like to post as a manufacturer. Can you please let me know how to do this? We have some exciting new products coming out soon and I would like to share them with your community.
      1. rollitup
        Nov 21, 2016
    6. Drifter 420
      Drifter 420
      I was wondering if it would be a big pain to change my username?
      1. sunni
        We don't change usernames sorry
        Sep 25, 2016
    7. esh dov ets
      esh dov ets
      Hi, admin . I got on this/your page to see if I could check out your journal. Do you have 1? Is this where we can ask questions about the whole site? How can I request someone to let me see their profile or journal if they are selective/restricted? How can I get permission to start a journal?
    8. Jerseykushface
      Can i change my name from JerseyKushFace to GrowLouder ? I would like my YouTube blog and my rollitup to be linked together if that's possible and my age isn't right lol im only 24
    9. The devils lettuce
      The devils lettuce
      Would like to change the title of my grow journal to 5 strain grow 400w hps. Please
    10. Foxxe C. Wilder
      Foxxe C. Wilder
      You guys need to UNHIDE the DELETE MY ACCOUNT button OR put it somewhere where people can find it. (like the bottom of Preferences)
      I didn't come here to have to deal with some warmongering drunken asshole troll.
      I'm putting this site on my SPAM FILTER
    11. jlh2062
      Who can I talk to in charge ??
      1. tezzerLad
        whats up buddy ?
        Jun 22, 2016
    12. jlh2062
      Hi there are you online ??
    13. Nonagronomist
      Quick question as a new member -- I have the content for a grow journal but don't have posting privileges in the grow journal area. What sort of actions should I take to earn that privilege?
    14. amsterdammer
      Hi, do you guys do any competitions that I can offer some seeds for? We (Seedism) just made a few new strains and would love to give away to Rollitup to see how people like them, soon I hope to have more merchandise and will also send you a pm to see if you guys want some.
      1. Maine_Coast likes this.
      2. rollitup
        The guy you should talk with is "advertising @ rollitup," and once you are a registered advertiser, you can offer prizes in a contest.
        May 22, 2016
        amsterdammer likes this.
    15. Smokedoutplayinggalaga420
      Hello I'm new here and I am randomly asking anyone on how to attach a pic with my post. After I type the words it just has the option to post my message but no where to upload a photo please help and thank you
      1. sunni
        You cannot attach photos to people's profile walls

        However if you start a thread under the box where you write your content it says "upload a file "
        It will also have this in the reply boxes
        May 19, 2016
    16. Catherine Patry
      Catherine Patry
      I would love to post my grow journal if possible new indoor led growing with nectar of the gods organic
    17. coyer
      im new here and was just wondering how to like posts on threads? thanks
      1. jacrispy likes this.
      2. sunni
        You must become a more active member first you'll get your likes privledges soon :)
        May 13, 2016
        jacrispy likes this.
    18. JhonnyD
      hello im new here and i dont know how to post my question to get some help im a first time grower and i need help thank you
      1. sunni
        Go to the forum area you want right hand side "post new thread"
        Apr 28, 2016
    19. Godfather420
      How do i change my profile name..
      1. sunni
        we do not change profile names sorry
        Apr 26, 2016
    20. bish
      I use duckduck go as a search engine. I was looking for a link to rollitup but wiki popped up and called this a gay marijuana website. I went to the link and the page had been removed. I thought you would enjoy the humor. And I don't care who does what but I did laugh.
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