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12/12 From Seed Experiment - 21 Strains

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Hot Diggity Sog, Sep 4, 2014.

    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    I sized it so it could be cooled passively...hopefully. I wanna say around $1200 but I can go back and add it all up.

    Here are the heatsink specs

    2 of them...each one is doing 8 cobs.
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    DirtyNerd Well-Known Member

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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    The girls have entered their rooting vessels now. Will be here for probably 10 to 14 days or so.

    20160211_093711.jpg 20160211_093721.jpg
    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    Day 21 Update

    Not too much to report really but I wanted to check in and show you guys how things are looking. The Tahoe OG's all got really burned and I'm not really sure why. They do happen to be the ones under the LED but I don't really think that's it. The burning happened after I did the first feeding...but I only fed at 110 PPM's. Maybe they are really sensitive to food??

    Well...at any rate, all of their roots are doing great. Nice and healthy white so I'll just keep nursing them along for a little while..not too worried.

    Lights have been on 24 hours a day since the start...it is kind of required with my ambient basement temps being at 48 degrees. To my surprise, I have not had to heat my rez. The water is coming out at 50 degrees F and within a few of hours it's at 69. Not using the chiller yet but I will have to sooner than expected.

    DSC_0001_00001.jpg DSC_0002_00002.jpg DSC_0003_00003.jpg DSC_0004_00004.jpg DSC_0005_00005.jpg

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen to me with LEDs. I also had a pH issue. LEDs are intense and can fry young plants.
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. I went ahead and turned the LED off for now. I'll keep the 2 MH's on 24 hours a day and maybe put the LED on a timer. 1 on, 2 off? Just until the girls get a little older. About 1/2 of the plants under the LED are starting to recover btw.
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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Hey HDS,

    WOW-----you've been a busy boy (and spent several bucks).

    I have a little experience with tube grows. No saying my methods are any better or worse-----just different:D

    Very similar approach with that 3 tube configuration.

    Question/s-------how are you delivering nutes in the tubes?

    What are those black things the tubes are sitting on? They look kinda like the ones Sativied used.

    Do you think those concrete blocks are necessary in the middle? If yes----wouldn't be needed using schedule 40.
    ^^Threw this pic up of two 10' sections end to end. Before I got the wall and door up between the veg and flower rooms.

    Something I found useful are those 3/4" pipes running parallel to the 6" tubes (plant support / trellis)

    Something else I found useful when running fixed position tubes. Add 2x4s at the corners and stretch a scorg screen over the canopy (streched with bungee cords that can be slid up/down) bs102.jpg

    ^^Another shot of the trellis.

    Just some things I've used.


    Sativied Well-Known Member

    PVC pipe clips, come in various shapes and sizes. Mine are more like this one

    Prevents my (separate) tubes from rolling over.
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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    ^^ Hey S, been a while since we chatted. Hope everything is fine across the pond.

    Thanks for identifying that part. I poked around and found those in 4" but not 6".

    I've thought about using ~8" lengths of super strut with these straps.

    If that link worked, a pretty good example of what I talking about is shown on the right of the page.

    Gad to see you're still around,

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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    I'm delivering water and nutes this way: 3 pumps in the rez each providing the goods to one tube.

    The black things are similar but not exactly what Sat is using. They are what I used to suspend each row of the octagon and are being used here just for some stability.

    The concrete blocks are only used so the tubes would be at the same level as the rez when the water returns. The ones in the middle probably are not necessary but hey...overkill is OK.
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5
    Day 29 Update

    The girls don't really look all that great. I raised the lights up pretty high this morning to see if it's that. The roots on all of them are spectacular so I'm feeling pretty good that if the lights were just too close they will recover fine. They've been on 24 hours of light per day and I just installed timers and dropped them to 20 on and 4 off. Estimate maybe 2 more weeks before I flip them.

    I began topping them 2 days ago and have only 2 left to top.

    20160303_085957.jpg 20160303_090014.jpg 20160303_090025.jpg

    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Hey HDS,

    More specifically, are you running flood and drain type of system? I see only one port going to the tubes, if true, are the nutes flowing out the supply line back through your pumps in your rez/s?

    IMO, good move to raise the light/s for now and run 20/4 or 18/6.

    I hope you have a light meter-----if yes, would you please take a reading under your new LED light and determine at what distance is 10,000 foot candles (full sunlight intensity).

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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    I'll try and take light readings tonight...good idea.

    There are (3) sets of 1/2" tubing. Each one comes from the rez on it's own pump and flows to just one tube at the far end. The water from each tube flows back to the rez. Exact same thing as before except I have 3 feed pumps (one for each tube) instead of 1. If you refer to the 1st picture from today's post, the water enters the tube at the top of the picture and flows down to the bottom. All 3 tubes connect to one another at the bottom so there is only one pipe flowing back to the rez. It's really really simple...nothing special at all.
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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Final Update

    Chapter 5 has been ended early. We are packing up and moving across country. It has been a great ride and I really appreciate the support and feedback that you all gave me. I wish you all the best of luck and be safe!


    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    Wtf.. Hope nothing crazy happened, seems sudden.. Good luck though
    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    Nothing crazy happened but you're right...it is sudden.
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    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    Ahh good 2 hear..Where ya headed to?
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    DogEatWeedWorld Active Member

    Good luck... Hopefully you'll be able to continue your hobby at the new locale!
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    Alaric Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope your move is not too painful and you'll stay in touch.

    (Did you have a chance to take those light readings?)


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    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    If anyone is interested, I'm selling my custom LED that I built. Private message me...
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
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