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2'x4' - HLG 260W XL - Newb

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by goobles, Nov 8, 2017.


    goobles New Member

    It all started with some bagseed I had sitting for a while. I thought, "I can grow this plant myself and reap the benefits." I bought a clay pot, some 'organic' walmart soil, and a 4-way splitter with (4) 25 watt CFL's. I had done enough research to realize a decent setup in my preferred tent size would run me nearly 20x my initial $50 investment. I didn't want to take the plunge just yet as I was inexperienced. Fast forward through a very mediocre and stressful life of my first plant, and here we are! About 38 days into flower, she is alive and well (kinda). Hoping to pull a joint or two out of it before I begin a proper grow from seed to harvest in the new tent that just came in (vivosun 2'x4'x5'). I also ordered the HLG 260W XL kit today. Here is the current plant today, nothing fancy...

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    goobles New Member

    I plan to grow two plants using SCROG/topping techniques in 5 - 7 gallon smart pots. Still undecided on soil medium... I'd prefer an organic super soil for ease of care (watering only, right?), and quality of product. Need to do more research or would love input. Another big ticket item is ventilation and odor control. Initially thought of the 4" vivosun fan and carbon filter setup but I've researched mixed reviews. Once again, need to do more research or would take your input. I need fresh air going in via a fan and tent air going out via a second fan and carbon filter? Plan on purchasing the SensorPush wireless temp&humidity sensor for that respective info. Jewelers loupe, fans for the plants inside, humidity controller of sorts?, and other things I will pick up over the next week or two. Once again, input is appreciated. Excited to get a real grow started!

    goobles New Member

    Went with the organic soil medium. I read a few peoples 'super soil' recipes and kinda made my own. It will cook in a 20 gallon tote for the next 30-45 days. Here's what I did...

    - 1.5 cu ft Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    - 38 cups Wiggle Worms Earthworm Castings
    - 10 cups coarse perlite (will probably add more in the 5 gallon pots)
    - 12 tsp Extreme Gardening Mykos
    - 3.0 cups Roots Organics Phos Bat Guano
    - 0.5 cup Espoma Greensand
    - 1.0 cup Dolomite Lime
    - 2.0 cups Down To Earth Kelp Meal
    - 1.5 cups Espoma Tomato-Tone
    - 0.5 cup Espoma Rock Phosphate
    - 1 cup Root Naturally Azomite

    We shall see what happens... Any insightful input is appreciated.

    goobles New Member

    GROW #2 setup is (2) 4 inch fans, vivosun carbon filter and exhaust fan, HLG 260W XL kit, Raspberry Pi w/ Sensehat for temp and humidity data, and an organic soil medium as mentioned in the above post.

    14 days since the seedlings sprouted. This is bagseed again. I do have Tangerine Dream, G13 Haze, and some freebies coming in the next couple weeks for the next grow. I'm running the LED's at about 75% and 12 inches from the tops of the plants. Is this too close? Plants don't seem to be bothered much. I believe the rusting is from the soil being too hot for the young plants, I figure they will grow into soon though. Also 'topped' the plants. Can't wait to transplant them into the 5 gallon fabric pots!

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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018

    goobles New Member

    Transplanted two of the larger plants to fabric pots. Topped them and will be using a style of manifolding with scrog. Peeping through the peep hole...

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    Sheikster403 Well-Known Member

    Any update on the grow? I have the same light and tent( 4x2) and am on my first run with both. Interested to see your results.

    I’m still in veg but have my light ~24 inches from tops of plants and that seems to be doing well. How did keeping them 12 inches work out?

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