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300W Vero29 COB grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by drsaltzman, Mar 8, 2018.


    drsaltzman Well-Known Member

    I've had these lights for about a year, in a 2X4 tent with some T5 side lighting.

    First, here's some fire from my last grow. This is a Tangie male/Rainbow female cross I'm trying to develop:

    fruit stripe bud.jpg

    It smells like Fruit Stripe gum if you're old enough to remember that.
    Crazy orange pistils and lots of trichomes. Awesome delicious bud. I have 88 seeds stashed that I will use to find a pheno and try to stabilize it this Summer/Fall.

    Right now I am starting a new grow of 2 different strains. One Sativa (Tangie) and one Indica (Purple Valley Grapes). I've been able to keep Sativas and Indicas in the same tent by keeping the plants real squat.

    Feb 26: Here are the 6 in Solo cups after they popped:

    solo cups.jpg

    All in Roots 707 right now. Watering with 1/4 strength CalMag. You can see one of the Tangies is a runt.
    Sometimes that just happens. Same soil. Same light. Same everything. Sometimes it's just that particular seed.

    Mar 5: Moved them all to 1 gallon containers. before their final transplant into 3 gallon smart pots.

    1 gallon.jpg

    You can see the Tangie runt much better now. Gonna grow it out as far as it will go. Eventually I will pick 3 females to finish in the tent and a male to flower in a closet.

    Tangie on left, runt in the middle. (PVG on the right).

    tangie runt.jpg

    All looking good so far!

    PVG1.jpg PVG2.jpg
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    drsaltzman Well-Known Member

    Mar 12: just starting their third week of veg. Nice tight node spacing with huge fan leaves. No NPK introduced yet. Just what's in the soil. Still adding 1/4 strength CalMag every other watering.



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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    Plants look very healthy. Do you have pictures of your lights?

    drsaltzman Well-Known Member

    300W Timber Vero29 Gen 7 COB
    These lights have been killing it.



    Temp stays 72-75 steady. Humidity 40-60. 4 inch exhaust plus a clip on fan blowing over the heat sinks. Passive intake. Plants on 18/6 cycle.
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