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AeroGarden Guide *NEW AND IMPROVED*

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by FoxCompany426, Aug 3, 2009.


    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    I would go 1 fem or auto and that 1 will do better or about the same yield as all seven pods!

    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    I would go 1 fem or auto and that 1 will do better or about the same yield as all 7 pods!

    squirt1961 Well-Known Member

    I started 3 plants in the extra LED 7 pod. 1 fem northern lights & 2 reg. Afghan were doing great till 1 of the Afghan reg turned male removed immediately now just 2 plants in unit at last water change this morning I removed top cover and roots were full but didn't look overcrowded I would say 3 should be max but 1-2 is probably better

    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    Thanx I'm going to do 1 xxxl white widow from Dinafem and 1 big buddah blue cheese both autos

    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    I'm also going to add a Tao tronics 12 led light from amazon.com 9 red 3 blue spectrum Fyi I'm using an led extra AG

    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    Please post pics!

    OGAerogardener1990 Active Member

    Has anyone seen ninjas grow journal? Omg this discourages any grow hops I had, I have just spent 460 on aerogarden, mylar, good genetics,nutes,and an extra 12 led light 9 red 3 blue spectrum.
    also a small aerogarden 3sl, and 50 pk grow sponges someone please give me that enthusiasm I had when I was on amazon .com clicking away

    NHicksDesign New Member

    So, I just got a new AeroGarden Harvest Touch. I have been doing a ton of research into how to use these to grow some MJ, but I wanted to check in this thread and see if any light supplementation is needed? This new model has a touch screen with built in timer and light controls. I am planning on getting the DIY blank seed pods for my seeds, a PH testing Kit, and an air stone for the reservoir. Any tips or recommendations are [email protected]

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    squirt1961 Well-Known Member

    I learned about hydroponics from growing northern lights in my aerogarden extra led. The only thing i added was an external air pump with a couple stones in res. I did a water change every week. Id use a nutrient package to start after ph test and fix kit. I started out with a recipe for success promo starter kit from technaflora. Around 30 bucks on amazon and enough nutes for about 6 plants a full season. I also added 6 cfl bulbs around sides while growing. I also added the mylar light boosters. As plants grew too tall i used those sticky hooks from 3M and disconnected unit led light and hung from ceiling first batch gave me a yield of 3.32oz from one plant. One plant is about the limit for an aerogarden i tried 2 another time and still ended up with same yield not enough room in rootzone for more than one.
    Ive since moved on to building hydro systems.
    I currently use a super recirculating deep water culture system for 4 plants in 5 gal buckets but im switching to 8 gal buckets now.
    Good luck growing.
    Find a good growing source
    I personally recommend grow weed easy dot com youll find anything you need there great place for beginners and long time growers alike.
    Theres a ton of info here on this site you just have to look.
    Heres a look at my system. I use now.
    Again good luck and dont get discouraged best advice i can give is check your nutes and ph everyday since its a small resivour its easy to get out of control.

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    bdlmain22 New Member

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