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Another side by side....by side HPS VS DE HPS VS COB LED

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by MeGaKiLlErMaN, Sep 7, 2016.


    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    Im sure that will work just fine, However I prefer an always on dehue/hue controlled by a room controller. Mod the dehumidifier to drain into the humidifier or res. that is easy and you never need to worry about dumping it. Ill be moving up to a very efficient grow atmosfeer Putting the buckets on tables just high enough to allow for having the res underneath. Total cost for the overhaul including lights and AC thats currently nonexistent.... $10,000. Kinda pumped as well. But thats another thread for another day. :) Im not worried about cost next go round.
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    Plants are cut down, and if you follow me Via IG you can see the carnage. Pics will follow.. but its bed time... Also The OG Kush Pheno on the COB side is a keeper all day. Will have that around for a while.

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    I have some bud shots and I still have to jar everything up to get a final weight. But it's looking good so far!

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    Hybridway Well-Known Member

    Great videos & job on this. Big props!
    Real impressed w/ the 4k results. I noticed wicked frost under my 4ks too & big colas.
    Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the new room you build. Nice work!

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    whats your gig on ig ? do i alreay follow you?everyone gotta dif damn name over there :wall:

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    I gotcha


    verticalgrow Well-Known Member

    hi Killer,
    Does the COBs smoke better then HPS?
    Are u going to put results on utube for side by side?
    HPS looked good for awhile but then COBs took over which is the same as Spektum kings side by side.
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    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    Still trimming when I can, I have some weights but Ill wait to post them till I have everything all together. I do have some lessons learned to share after this grow and a few other things that I think will help people. I did a hanging Cure for a long time to Ill have cured weight. Till then life goes on.

    MeGaKiLlErMaN Well-Known Member

    I have all the weights and everything measure out. I'll be making a video shortly to talk about this grow as a whole, what I learned, what I need to change, and a few other tidbits. Might be a longer video but it will be scripted well.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    great stuff man (:

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