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    So I've been medicating by smoking for about twenty years, pretty heavily. Suffice to say, it's taken a toll on my lungs. I've tried vaping, but I did not like it and it didn't feel that much healthier than smoking. So come Monday morning I'll go shopping.

    I'm getting a crock pot (actual or generic), both for infusion and cooking. Do I need to get the most expensive they have or is a simple one good enough?

    I haven't quite decided on decarbing method yet. I'm definitely not spending the money for a sous vide, but I suspect that I can use a big pot and a thermometer to keep temps in line. I might just do it in the oven to start with, maybe using a cooking baggie. Gotta get a oven thermometer.

    Can coconut oil be melted in a water bath? Have watched several videos of people having a little bit of problem getting it out of the jar.

    Some people add water, some don't. It seems water binds some of the water soluble impurities. Some people even reheat it in new water after separation to get more of the nasties out. The logic is plausible, am I missing something here?

    I feel confident that I understand the principles of infusing oils/butter, even if it remains to be seen whether I can do it successfully.

    Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.

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