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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Any info on Starfighter f2 x LBL would be appreciated. If anyone has the Daywrecker Diesel LBL cross run it! Nice! My Starfighter cross is small with the most reflective or refractive trichs I have seen! Nice all day but strong just not couchlock.
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    bubbahaze Well-Known Member

    I think bad dogs crosses are more like testers than worked strains so grow them and report back
    Bad Dawg

    Bad Dawg Well-Known Member

    @hillbill @bubbahaze All of the LBL crosses have been grown out. There should be info on most of them earlier in this thread.
    There was a thread at z-labs with a lot of test grows that were lost when the site crashed last year. I have restarted it there,so you may find the info you are looking for. starfighter x LBL has great reveiws so I will be f2ing them.
    Last year I gave out all of the 3 headed dragon crosses,the testers did not follow threw but a few peeps have grown the freebies with all good feed back.
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend popping the blackberry banna kush x long bottom leaf if you have it.

    I've been running one of the ladies for a bit over a year now. She stands up to my purple goji cut and other keepers all day. Smells like fermenting marshmallows. Frosty af. Simply delicious.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    That Starfighter f2 x LBL is staying quite small but big on sparkle. Smells almost like lemon gasoline to the point of eye watering! She is a petite girl with minimal branching. Buds and bud leaves are very white. This is the runt of my run but the only girl. The other plants were strong and vigorous and bigger. I also screwed up and dropped her up potting I think. Leaves are on the narrow side and so far average size nugs are rocks.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Starfighter cross is getting very close, no white pistils, some amber trichs. Most the rest cloudy and a very few clear with dark brown centers. 54 days could be the day today or maybe tomorrow. Didn’t expect her to be so quick! Two LBL crosses run so far. If you have any, get 'em wet!

    torontoke Well-Known Member

    Had to throw this pic up for people sitting on gg4 x lbl seeds.
    Smells like fruit scented markers.

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