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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    but, to answer the OP's question, yes both hps and mh together is better because of full spectrum. thats the direction led's are going now
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    I am sure they are good for small grows, i'm talking about replacing a 1000 watt DE.
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    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    when i was using hps/mh i ran 2 600 watt hps, then 1 600 watt hps pluss 1 600 watt mh, then ran 3 400 watt, 1 mh 2 hps,, all over a 4x6 table.. the best quality and yield was under the 3 400's.. i suggest a 2 to 1,, 2 hps for every 1 mh if your after a balanced spectrum,, the 1 600 hps and 1 600 mh had the lowest yield but quality was good..
    i have since switched over to cmh,, my gram per watt has increased and quality is also way better...
    as for led,, i know very little,, but im interseted in saving on electric wile keeping yields and quality..
    i was using 3 315 watt cmh lamps above the 4x6 table 945 watt total and averaged over 3-4 runs a 1.5 gpw
    then i bought 2 100 watt go green citizen cobs,, and ran 2 315 watt cmh and 2 100 watt cobs, total wattage 830 watts over 4x6 table,, ive only finished 1 run,,, and on the second now but yields under the 830 watts hit 1.5 gpw on the first run,, i know im only saving 115 watts but so far the led has impressed me...cmh = 3100k, 100 watt citizen led= 4000k,, nice spectrum
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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    @OP, its always a good idea to run MH with your HPS if you can, for me, i like much more hps light an just a bit of MH. So if you can get another 400 watt hps and put the MH in the middle, youll have a very even light spread over your area but qould have a hard time getting 3 hoods in a 5x5. I used to have a reflector that held 3 bulbs, if you get one of those your set.

    With lots of MH light youll notice slightly small buds on slightly taller plants with buds that are very frosty, very tasty, and do the trick better than if you leave out the MH. Thats why i try to keep a ratio favoring HPS in flower. HPS favors leaf and bud development and MH favors vertical growth and resin production.

    Either bulb CAN carry the whole cycle, i currently use only hps the whole cycle cuz its easiest for my perpetual setup.

    An @ttstick dude, if you think hps is scrap heap.... well i dissagree and id happily dispose of any gear you can convise people is obsolete.

    TheChemist77 Well-Known Member

    id like to add that i used a 6,400k mh in veg for 20 years,, i had 1 400 watt 6400k mh over a 2x4ft table and growth was very good, no complaints..i replaced the 400 watt mh with a 315 watt cmh 3100k about a year ago,, i have a 4000k cmh bulb but have not used it YET... plants in veg under thye 3100k cmh are shorter with more nodes than under mh.. but once plants go to bloom they stretch way less,, going from the mh in veg to cmh in bloom plants would tripple in height over the first 3 weeks in bloom. plants vegging under the 3100k cmh then bloomed under the same lamps only double in height and better closer branching..

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

  7. Thanks for the info man.
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    just one DE? thats considered small too bud, folks are even running comparisons against a DE. check it out
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    Um, no, I have several DE's. And I read the hype, same shit they been spewing for years. LMK when a dude can buy a LED light that replaces a 1000watt DE for around the same price that he doesn't have to build, saves on heat, which in turn saves power. you know, completely plug and play. that's what i am talking about. Because My De's are giving over 1/2 lb per plant of goodness and I didn't have to build nothing.
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    thats cool man, do you. if it works, dont break it. you can keep the led hate and misinformation to yourself tho. :peace:

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Yep, mixed spectrum is where it's at. I run HPS and MH together and even the tiny larf nugs on the bottom are hard & tight.
    Unless you have to use electricity for AC, 600w HID rigs still perform well. If you really want to rock a 5X5, run two 600w rigs with mixed spectrum. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it.

    (unless you fuck something up)
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    well, i don't think it's misinformation, i think LED users are so invested in their lights, they just HAVE TO be better, and they will make all kinds of bs claims about them. This is a FORUM, you know what a forum is don't you?

    1. 1.
      a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I use a couple 4' 4 bulb T5 veg lights as supplemental lighting with a 1000 hps. It upped my end weight with fatter and more colorful buds.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    great point. good thing it doesnt apply to HID users, right? only LED users are invested in their lights.

    yes, this forum, is filled with ideas and views. including information that shows you are wrong. consider this an idea for exchange 8-)
    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    Again, It is ONLY you and your highly invested led users who say i am wrong, But sadly, it is you that is wrong and I have been right for YEARS and YEARS. Hid is1/3 the cost and doesn't have to be built or supplemented with other lighting

    Besides, don't you guys have your own fantasy land section for your bs talk? This isn't about playground lighting
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member


    AlaskaD Member

    More often than not I've had better luck mixing the two. Right now I'm a month into flower with two strains, one acted like it might finish in 11 weeks if I'm lucky. I added a super blue spectrum heavy coral T5 bulb to the tent, and in the last 5 days since I stuck it in, the one strain put on as much bud as it did in the previous 3 weeks. This is a known slow strain, and this sudden change is a first for it. Once in a while you get lucky. Experiment.
  19. Thanks for all the information guys. I have always used hid's and I can't justify spending money on a new lighting system if I already have one that works. I was interested in LEDs back in '09 but they were shit back then and I haven't paid enough attention to them to know if they are any better yet. For now I'll be sticking to my roots and sleeping to the hum of hid's. Once my seeds come in I'll be adding a little grow journal and until then I'll be visualizing a room full of chunky ladies.
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    AlaskaD Member

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