Building a LEAK PROOF aero cloner!

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    Tried to 2 lid idea and still having leaks. I'm probably using the wrong kind of tote. Mine has the handles that lock kinda onto the lid. 35 gallon. The tote is dark gray and the handles are neon green. I also used weather stripping and lots of silicone. Water still seems to find a way to leak out.

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    The frame my sprayers are screwed into is the exact size of the inside of the tote. Possibly causing it to spray right into the edges of the tote where the lid meets. Maybe if I shrink my sprayer frame it will focus more spray toward the middle of my tote instead of the edges.
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    The trick is to recess the lid into the tote, no sealant needed.

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    I plan to use this for starting roots on cuttings. It shows no leaks after 24 hours of continual running. It uses a 2 flat airstones and should create all the mist the roots need without overkill.

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