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    Kaptain Kronic

    Kaptain Kronic Active Member

    when is the time for calmag? just thru veg ? curious ...

    AutoNorCal Member

    What kind of water are you using tap for the city, tap well, RO, distilled water?

    LeCannaisseur New Member

    I add a light dosage throughout the grow
    Kaptain Kronic

    Kaptain Kronic Active Member

    im using city tap

    AutoNorCal Member

    most municipalities have annual water reports see if you can get it online it should have a breakdown of how ppm you are getting from them along with many other water related details ie cal and mag

    xmatox Well-Known Member

    I use calmag through veg and usually halfway through flower. I then switch to epson salt as my mag/sulfur. Adding PK boosters at the end in high doses can lock out calcium. What medium are you in?

    jeepster1993 Well-Known Member

    Don't know if it is true or not...
    I was told the cal and mag in water, hard water, is not in the right form for plants to use.
    Hard water is not a good supplement to fertilizers.

    I live in a very hard water city and add cal/mag to every feeding.
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    In your tap water...its calcium and magnesium carbonates. And they say not very absorbable because carbonate molecules are too large to pass through the Caspian strip. But what has always puzzled me is if thats the case..then how come if you take out the cal and mag carbonates with a reverse osmosis filter...if you dont add back (in the more plant friendly nitrate form) you can (and highly likely) run into a cal or mag problem down the road? And on top of that...if anyone has a bottle of GH CaliMagic on hand....look at what they use for calcium? Yep...calcium CARBONATE. And its a popular calmag..and it works. Anyone care to explain? Cuz iam stumped on the whole cal and mag carbonate. What gives?

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    It's not as easily absorbed as other forms but it does get absorbed enough to meet the plants needs. It has to be split into it's ionic form to be utilized by the plants and it's just harder for the plants or animals like us to do that.

    If it's in a different form like chelated calcium then it's readily absorbed and utilized at the cellular level and much lower doses will do the job with less energy expended.

    Funny you would mention GH but almost everything they make uses the cheapest and lowest quality base materials sourced from whomever comes in with the lowest bid. Grind up egg shells and toss them in the soil when you mix it up and you won't need to use CalMag at all. Most people use way too much as it is.

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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    They also have in the past a problem with consistent batches of the Flora Series 3 part. Like guaranteed analysis being WAY OFF and different from bottle. ...batch to batch. This was especially a problem when they were gettin General.Hydroponics Europe going back in the day. And yes...GH was notorious for using the lowest grade salts for the longest time. They still do actually. Back in those days they could get away with it because they were the only really big player in the nute game for indoor dope growers for a very long time.
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