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Can I used distilled water in my DWC?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by cjsbabygirl313, Feb 10, 2018.


    cjsbabygirl313 Member

    Noob here with a DWC and wondering if I can use distilled water. My well water has like 247ppm TDS ... and oddly enogh after it goes through the PUR faucet filter its even higher. I know that in my AeroGardens for kitchen herbs and such that hey say specifically NOT to use well water because all those hard minerals will gunk up the system (and as much red staining as I see in my washing machine’s cup and the housing for the PUR filter I don't doubt it!).

    But what about the DWC bucket for onenof my girls?

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I use my well water for my rdwc. Haven’t had a issue. My well water runs around 200ish. Ppm. The pur filters are terrible too. Aero gardens are just that aeroponics not dwc so there’s nothing to gunk up. Hell my danner pump hasn’t had any issues either running my well water.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I had culligan come out and install a water softer awhile ago for the rest of my house and he told me it was 20 grains hard which is super hard. But for growing I have never had an issue with hard water and my plants.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    I use RO/distilled for all my hydro. Just makes things easier knowing that what you put in your water is all that is in it. And it eliminates your water as a possible problem if any problems arise.

    yoshisisland New Member

    im fairly new myself but its my understanding that if you have tap water (or well water ) that it too high in ppm its better to just use distilled water but you have to add calmag so you dont have a defficincy (speaking from expereince )

    cjsbabygirl313 Member

    Thanks all - I do think (for my particular situation and set up) that the distilled water with only cal mag - and eventually the other nutes - will porbably be best. And, as @rkymtnmam pointed out, it will pretty much rule out the possibility of the water itself ever being a problem. 8)
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    mix half well with distilled and you are good to go. I personally have seen to many issues with just distilled.
    roots work on positive and negative ions, adding de ionized water to that creates problems.
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