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Can you recommend me a good website shell for posting artwork, etc.?

Discussion in 'Inspired Art' started by tstick, Jan 3, 2017.


    tstick Well-Known Member

    Maybe "shell" is the wrong term...lol. I don't EVEN know!

    I have been amassing many cartoons and artworks and things of that nature...but I've never been too up on websites and blogs and all that kind of thing....I'm old, okay? ;)

    What would I need to do, anyway? Do I need to get a server for the site and then have someone build a site for me? Or, is it better to DIY my own site with like a free shell or framework or whatever it's called?

    What do you other artists do for such things?


    tstick Well-Known Member


    vostok Well-Known Member

    many cool toys out there for this

    always make ur own site

    a bitch to learn for young and old alike

    but makes repairs...revamps and updates a breeze

    post ur shit up let the membership decide

    b4 you hit the late show

    I have used sitespinner(old) with ease

    a drag and drop app very easy to use


    good luck
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