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Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by weed is love weed is life, Oct 28, 2017.

    weed is love weed is life

    weed is love weed is life Active Member

    I want to make some more cannabutter. I watched a few videos that said you can cook it in a pot for 45-60 mins is that long enough?
    If so how less potent will it be than a slow cook method like the crockpot? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    Read more and watch more videos. Most I've seen recommend decarb at 240 deg for 45 minutes, followed by steeping bud in butter in a double boiler for 2 - 3 hours. I've never seen a credible source recommend "you can cook it in a pot for 45-60 mins".

    briteleaf Active Member

    Guessin' there are a ton of great methods to make cannabutter/oil. For me, the methods of cooking for hours STINKS up your home. I take my toaster oven outside and decarboxilate 2 oz. of cannabis on parchment paper in a tray in the oven. I don't even break up the buds and add any kief that has accumulated in the bottom of my grinder. Cook it at 225 for 1/2 hour. Then, I take 4 cups of coconut oil that I melt in the microwave and mix in 3-4 tblsp. sunflower lecithin. The lecithin is a healthy addition that will boost the oompf of your cannabis. Dump the cannabis into the mixture and bake at 250 for 1 hour, stirring it a time or two during the bake. Be careful taking it out of the oven because hot oil can burn you. I'v put cheese cloth in a collander that drains into a bowl. Pour the oil into the cheesecloth and let drain until only warm to the touch. Then, squeeze all of the goodness out of the cheesecloth. Then I pour the oil into the same glass, pint jars that I bought it in. Screw on the lid and keep in a cool, dark location. It's good for months and doesn't need refrigeration. This has only taken me 1 1/2 hours total and the oil is killer to cook with.
    weed is love weed is life

    weed is love weed is life Active Member

    If you look up canna butter on yt a few videos will pop up say that I can cook it like that. Some I remember was lexs world and a few more
    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    How about posting a few links?
    weed is love weed is life

    weed is love weed is life Active Member

    here are a few

    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the posts. I think you'll find that most people who have made cannabutter will tell you that the resulting product from each of these methods would be much weaker than if you decarb the cannabis first (neither mentioned decarbing) and if you cook it longer. As I'm sure you know, there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on this subject and these represent one extreme of quick and easy cannabutter making.

    I'd suggest go to youtube.com and search for 'High Times Cannabutter' to get some very good information that you're looking for. They give a very informative comparison of 4 different ways to make cannabuter that will improve your potency and the final product.
    weed is love weed is life

    weed is love weed is life Active Member

    Ok I'll look it up. I just have a limited time to make it, I also don't want the house to smell like pot for hours. Thanks!

    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    I decarb buds @ 220°F for 20-30minutes in a pie plate covered with tinfoil (shiny side in). Then put in a "Easy Butter Maker ™" with 2 sticks of butter, a spoon full of lecithin and some water. Medium heat on stove top, in 15-20 minutes it's done. Pour into a container and freeze it. Once the butter is hard poke a hole through it and drain the water.
    Dan Drews

    Dan Drews Well-Known Member

    You can speed up the process all you want, you'll just be wasting weed. You can throw 2 ounces of whole buds into your butter and stir it around for 5 minutes and extract 'some' THC, but most cooks prefer to maximize potency while retaining the desire effect. If you limit your google search to fast methods of making cannabutter, you'll miss out on thousands of videos and articles where people explain what their tests have revealed about different cooking times and methods.

    Ultimately it's your weed and your edibles, so do it whatever way you want. If at some point you want to learn more about the science of making cannabutter, broaden your search and read from hundreds of sources, it never hurts to be better informed.

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I havent had luck with the short cook times.

    I decarb at 220-240 depending on moisture content and if its trim or bud.

    I then add my bud to a mix of equal water and coconut oil in a crock pot. My crock pot runs hot. I put the liner in the oven on 180 over night.

    I strain into a bowl and set in fridge so the oil will float on top and harden. Remove the oil and dump water. Melt in clean water and let harden again. Dump and melt in clean water again. That clarifies the taste.
    weed is love weed is life

    weed is love weed is life Active Member

    Ok thanks I'll try that my next batch.
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