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Cob assyimbly mounting

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Manfromthenorth, Mar 20, 2017.


    Manfromthenorth Well-Known Member

    after you mount your cob to your passive heat sink how do you mount that assyimbly to your frame work?

    Mellodrama Well-Known Member

    What kind of heat sink you got? Traditional fin, or a newer pin design?

    Do the sinks have screw holes in the sides or face? If so, do you know what size the threads are? M3 X .5 mm is common. M3 means "3mm".

    Are you building your own frame? Using what material?

    Manfromthenorth Well-Known Member

    Well have not gotten that far yet was just looking for ideas.

    newguy41410 Active Member

    just depends on what youre trying to mount to what. Basically, any way your heart desires. Its not crucial to the actual function as to how, as long as it is.

    my pin heatsinks literally sit on angled aluminum. theyre not even mounted. they just slide back and forth.

    Manfromthenorth Well-Known Member

    Cool that's what I was looking for thanks

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