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Cooking with ABV Pot

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by potroast, Jan 31, 2007.


    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Have you cooked with ABV Pot? What, you say, is that some strain I haven't heard of? No, I mean Already Been Vaped Pot. :blsmoke:

    What do you do with the pot that you've vaporized? I've been saving mine for years, and I've used it in recipes a couple of times to surprising results. The best way is to make butter using ABV, and add some green bud or leaf to give it the green color and to mask to ABV Pot taste.

    The ABV Pot will still have some amazing potency when cooked. Use with caution. :mrgreen:
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    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Damn trendsetter! :P

    HAF2 Well-Known Member

    I always use the vaped bud for butter. 1 oz to 1 lb of butter.

    I'm now wondering what the ratio is for keif though. Have a few grams of that and I'd rather get the measurements correct rather than just add it into my recipe and have stronger cookies.

    Any idea about the keif to butter ratio?

    WeedWitchOR Active Member

    When I make tintures I usually do 3.5g/oz of dry bud/oil or 1g IWE/oil and it comes out pretty close to same dosage.
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    stawawager Well-Known Member

    ABV - i can't imagine that tasting good at all unless the carbon is dischaged when separating the butter from waste water.

    I made my first butter a couple of days ago. Everything about it is good.

    tstick Well-Known Member

    I've used ABV for making butter in the past...But using straight ABV bud butter will taste like shit and look brown.

    So...What I did was I made Quiso using Everclear, first and then I used that to mix. A lot of the sulfurous compounds were diminished and the taste was improved greatly.

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    I had to look up "quiso".

    WHAT? More learning curve....

    quiso. (noun) it is the mysterious and foul substance that is ejected from between the legs of a particularly unkempt or promiscuous female.
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    MrVega2 Well-Known Member


    MrVega2 Well-Known Member

    I think maybe he meant "qwiso"
    Q - quick
    W - wash
    Iso - isopropyl alcohol

    I could b wrong tho but not usually...

    420Barista Well-Known Member

    well he said was"Quiso using Everclear"

    everclear is like moonshine 190 proof booze that i would drink or eat, not with isopropll alcohol

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