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Decarb Hash To Eat

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Feelinit, Oct 15, 2011.


    Feelinit Active Member

    Well I just ate a gram of my hash. I decarbed it in the oven with a little sesame oil at 200f for 20 min. Its only been about 30min since I ate it.

    I really hoping this works.

    A few days ago I did .3 and barely felt it, so 2 hrs later I ate another .3 (didnt get where I wanted to be)

    Unfortunately with my tolerance and decarb skills, it did not do much. The hash is good quality gets me ripped from smoking. I really want to give my lungs a break tho.

    The first time I decarbed it I just heated up a spoon (felt like a damn crack head) with hash and olive oil for about 5 min above the stove.

    Hoping this works, anyone have any tips to eat this?

    This is bubble by the way.

    I guess I will just try to eat more if this does not work. Maybe Im decarbing wrong?

    Seems like I should be faded from a g?

    gioua Well-Known Member

    have tried eating hash b4 does nothing unless you let it sit in oil for a longer time... 2 hrs +. the issue is not the ammount your using... it's the way your using it...

    dont add more to make it work.. 1 g of hash = aprox 7-15g of weed you should get pretty damn high off 1 g... infact most folks only need .25 of hash or less (.25 =2.5g weed GENERALLY) you need to cook it slower and longer... that simple... use 1 g hash about 1 tbls oil then once the oil-hash hash disolved stir it in peanutbutter add to some crackers then recook in foil for about 30 mins at 250-275

    btw I just did this last night for a apple festival I am going to... I am pretty sure I will enjoy myself today!!

    Feelinit Active Member

    Thx for the reply. So should I cook in the oven in oil for 2 hrs at 200f, then mix in PB and cook for another 30?

    Ya I thought a g was plenty, looks like I need to try again.

    I did get high off the g, but not as ripped as I would have liked.


    gioua Well-Known Member

    well again... I am not one to say my way is better then the others.. the main problem with edibles is consistency.. when I made my oil/hash mix I put the oil (about 1 tbls in a pyrex cup then had the cup on a heated surface (I used the top of a toaster oven... this is how I know it works .. it was not intentional!! I left the cup on the toaster oven (was making firecrackers) the heat warmed up the /oil/hash then I added PB to it... stirred it let it warm up a bit (maybe 30 mins) w.o the PB then added pB mixed with the oil-hash added to crackers cooked for 20 mins under 300

    serioulsy I have seen folks get ripped off less then .25 so I know it's "possible" just maybe not all folks... takes me 2g to get a noticeable effect
    Medical Marijuna Club

    Medical Marijuna Club Active Member

    hmmm try when you have not eaten much a half gram normally will get me lit ... The bubble hash I use can make 20 gummies out of a gram and they come out around 40 milligrams thc 2 of them and most people are beyond good ... though hey I have eaten a lot more. when I decarb hash I do somewhere between 200 and 250 degrees from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of coconut oil its mixed with I let the hash heat for about 5 to 10 minutes than add aprox 2 grams to a gram is a recipe I am using takes oil base

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