Decent idea or terribly unnecessary?

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    cruz420 Active Member

    Hello fellow growers.
    Just walking down the aisle of our local dollar store and came across these clear plastic bowls.
    My grow is on my mind 24/
    I was wondering if placing these bowls upside down over my seedlings to first week or so and running a tube into the bowls from the top connected to a diy co2 mix.
    Is this just useless or will I benefit from it.
    Bowls are not completely sealed so fresh air can enter as well.
    Just wondering? It would be easy enough to put together.
    Thoughts ?

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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    how are you going to measure co2 levels? what happens if it gets up to 2000ppm?
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    cruz420 Active Member

    Good point I did not consider this factor.
    So there is a possibility that I might over load the plants with CO2?

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member


    save the co2 idea for a sealed environment with larger plants, higher temps and tons of light.

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