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dh gate.com too good to be true?

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by BionicΩChronic, Jul 20, 2016.


    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member

    They have the cheapest glass I can find!

    What do y'all think? Go there and type in bong or pipe.

    BionicΩChronic Well-Known Member


    , rBVaGlRkCmmAMqK3AAEztZ8U3Lc229.jpg

    this bong costs $15
    MA MED Grower

    MA MED Grower Well-Known Member

    Careful some of their "colored" glass is paint
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    SmokeMonster420 Member

    Painted glass costs super cheap, but it will wash away when you clean with hot water.
    Another problem is Super slow shipping and risk of custom seizures.

    Shipping took about a month, but I did get a good deal for the price. There were some flaws and imperfections, but that is expected for cheap glass.
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    Nic Barlor

    Nic Barlor Member

    Hello Chronic,

    So I was looking for a "quality" bong (or actual bong, versus my previous carb-hole bong) and went downtown a few weeks ago.
    There I stumbled upon several headshops, one of which sold me this bong at what I believed to be an amazing price:

    $57.80 USD
    So they made at least 100% profit, I left with no guarantee and only a week and a half later the joint snapped when I tried pulling the downstem out.
    It might have been a little my fault, but the guy at the store lied to me when I asked if it was borosilicate glass - it was not.
    Anyway, now have it ghetto rigged with plumber putty (epoxy resin) and it works pretty much as well as it did before, but I have already ordered a borosilicate bong from grasscity so I can have a true quality piece.

    "Piece" be with ya. bongsmilie
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    WaxPayne Well-Known Member


    sparkygeek Active Member

    I'm told all the carburetors on Chinese glass are drilled after they are imported otherwise they can't be imported. Since the dust is small and probably really bad for the lungs... I stick with domestic glass. Glass blown domestically is typically more rugged since they are not competing to be the cheapest and the shipping distance is typically less so there is less concern about weight. Domestic glass is kind of having a resurgence because the cost differential is not that high when comparing apples to apples. (DHGate is a wholesale distributor... Typical wholesale/retail markup is 100%.)

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