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Diy ebb and flow bucket system and lots of questions?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by itch, Sep 4, 2017.


    itch New Member

    Hello there, first of all awesome community here.
    Been reading here a lot before I decided to post for the first time. I am currently planing and buying some stuff for my diy bucket ebb and low system.
    The plan so far is, to use six 2.5 gallon buckets and one smaller bucket(with the same height) as a control bucket for the reservoir I would use some 25 gallon tank.
    I haven't decided if i use two buckets stacked or just one, but i guess i go with the first option cause it seems more convenient.
    The buckets have a lid so i want to drill a hole into it and glue some 4" net pots in place. Then i would fill the net pots with hydroton and leave the bucket empty.

    Is it possible to grow this way in a ebb and flow setup with no medium? Unfortunately i found little information on this specific question.
    Anybody here got experience here with a ebb and flow and no medium?
    How often should i flood?
    Would be a small net pot with some hydroton enough to support and hold medium sized plants?

    I think one advantage would be that i have more room for roots in the bucket if i don't use any medium. But I completely new to hydroponics so some answers would be great.
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I run kind of the same ideal but with totes, thinking of changing to pails as well for more mobility. Water Temperature will be a concern IMO, and keeping temps below 70 is the key to happy roots. Roots plugging the drain is also an issue for me but silk screen has solved those issues. Small net pots do support large plants but to small and light penetrates the roots so I had to cover mine. Flooding times are not a huge deal once roots are established IME but until then flood sparingly. As I said I'm interested in switching to pails so I'll be watching how you progress.

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