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Doc's Dank Seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Dr.D81, Jan 9, 2016.


    420roofer Well-Known Member

    I really hate this cold weather. I went to water today and my garden looked aweful. they were all wilted and droopy. I ran a heater on 30 minutes and off 30 minutes all last night but it was still too cold. The purple hells angel is rebounding but the rest is still sickly. To make matters worse, 2 hours after i went to check them again and my light was off. The power strip i was using quit. I got the light back on. If i cut clones of them would they pull through or would they not be able to root? I gotta look at options to save this.
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    Dr.D81 Well-Known Member

    Man it depends on how bad they are but most likely yes

    Dr.D81 Well-Known Member

    snow flakes at ruffly 6x macro snowflake_3.jpg


    fumble Well-Known Member

    Hella cool snowflake pics!
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    Durzil Well-Known Member

    Because he knows the guy aka me who gave him the genetics and seen the packs I popped. Everything Doc has is legit and labeled what it is. He doesn't rename anything and always gives credit. You want purple crosses he's got em period. His pictures speak for themselves.

    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member


    cassinfo Well-Known Member

    I agree that Doc has them Purple. 9 out of 10 TPR pop. Purple born tips and a few days later.... the bottom sides were turning purple! These seeds are under T5 with room temp at 80 degrees. I have high hopes that these TPR will be something special.
    IMG_20170108_105425.jpg IMG_20170108_105250793.jpg
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    DCobeen Well-Known Member

    Buddy it only gets better. Call me later if you got time.

    Durzil Well-Known Member

    These males where selected and further eliminated based on breeding stability and traits Doc was looking for.


    From this "little pheno hunt" all my best genetics I had at the time.

    IMG_20160901_084003.jpg Screenshot_20160901-083016.png
    Some killer plants in that room. Unfortunately the females where mostly all lost but a few that where given out. All that money in seeds wasn't a total loss because Doc got the males :)

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    So what happened ?
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    Durzil Well-Known Member

    Exwife happened. Sent the cops after me for something I wasn't doing. I was never cited or arrested but she was able to take my kids. I killed what the cops didn't in an effort to retain my parenting rights.

    DCobeen Well-Known Member

    ouch that blows big time. I hate spiteful people and she has your kids. I feel for you.

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    You'll be back ,the lie will backfire on her down the road
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Dude, so sorry to read that. The world is slowly being "Red Pilled" but
    not nearly fast enough. You have proven to be a decent person here.
    We are pulling for you.

    Bbcchance Well-Known Member

    She can't raise kids your honor, she wasn't even able to keep my male cannabis plants alive.....(things that should be admissable in court)
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    Durzil Well-Known Member

    This happened a while ago. I miss them but it'll work out in the end. I'm dating my best friend now and in a much happier place in life. I'm slowly working the process. Unfortunately the all mighty dollar is what matters in these situations.

    Wasn't trying to derail the thread. Point was Doc does real breeding and has access to pretty much any cut and has what he says. He has amassed a stellar mom list and is always improving genetics and searching seeds for better even more stable males. Stand up dude and I'm glad to call him my friend.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Ain't that the truth.

    This one's for you:
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    oldman60 Well-Known Member

    Amen, Doc's gear is ALWAYS exactly what he says. He was even kind enough to
    make some meds for my son who has MS the man is straight up as the day is long.


    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    Your a stand up guy yourself bro
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    David Boggs

    David Boggs Well-Known Member

    DOC,.has always been a strait shooter with me,and you can bet he has some GREAT BEANS..ITs people like doc..that works there ass off so we can have beater weed..thank you all and keep breading,so I can just grow.....thanks ky
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