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Employment Tips?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by jollygreen, Dec 20, 2016.


    jollygreen Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Been on this site for a while now, active on and off and am incredibly thankful for all the tips and feedback I've received on here! I stopped growing about a year ago due to security concerns and now I've been focusing on continuing to study in my spare time. I am 100% sure that I want to make a career in the industry, and I'm moving to Colorado in May to try and get some more quality experience and learn from some professionals.

    Basically I'm just looking for any general advice/business tips, and wondering if anyone can make some recommendations for good places to try and seek employment (I want to work in a nursery if possible and get my hands on plants ASAP, but I'm willing to do other stuff like budtend or trim if it's necessary to get my foot in the door).

    I don't care where in CO it is, I don't know where I'm moving yet but it's going to be where the best job opportunity is, I don't care what city/town I move to really as long as it's not completely in the middle of nowhere (would be awesome to be less than an hour from a city like Denver, CO Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, etc).

    Any advice/tips/good locations for job opportunities are much appreciated!

    Thanks guys,


    PS: If this is not a proper are to post this, let me know I'll take it down/move it but from quick glance this looked like the most appropriate area.

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    hey, welcome back. from what i've read on here and other sites, many folks are looking for this kind of employment, but there's a glut in the market, especially in CO. i see places like this https://www.cannarecruiter.com/find-a-job/ but i wonder if they are a rip off. probably would be helpful if you had a degree in entomology, plant pathology, botany, agronomy, etc. something to make you stand out from every other swinging dick out there. :) good luck in your search and keep us informed!!
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    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    Im not going to hire you. But show me your biggest clone garden/seed sexing/mother stocked nursery. Youll have a better chance at employment with a good photo resume and the knowledge to back it up.

    jollygreen Well-Known Member

    Really wish I had taken pictures now lol was too paranoid.. oh well =/ I didn't grow large scale, I think I had 14 super skunk/raspberry cough in rotation at the height of it.

    Thanks for the tip though
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    jollygreen Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm pretty wary of using a cannabis job search site. I think I'm just going to start calling around everywhere and get as much information/tips from different businesses as possible.

    Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes!

    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    14? I knew there was a reason I wouldn't hire you to farm. If you wanna go big you need to know how to farm big. Like 160 clones at least, that live.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    MMJ Dreaming 99

    MMJ Dreaming 99 Well-Known Member

    Boulder is very expensive. I knew someone with a degree working at a grow near there. They were pretty much running the whole show and getting paid less than $15 an hour. Try living in Boulder or near there making that money.

    Enots Active Member

    Publeo is cheap but the jobs are few. Close enough to springs to travel for work though. If you can afford it move to the springs. You have springs, pueblo, and Denver you can travel to for work. Most likely you will start as a trimmer someplace, prove yourself and work your way up.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    no brains then its manual work for you

    with that is the uncertainty of low and intermittent work/cash flow

    slip in the few hort studies

    to up ur hourly wage

    good luck
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    Palmdiggidy Well-Known Member

    I have a couple of question if any one can give me an answer that would be awesome. To get a job on the growing side rather than trimming or what have you, what kind of schooling would an owner/person who hires like to see? I've seen a couple jobs on indeed an they all say 4 year bachelor's degree. Is a 2 year degree in greenhouse management enough. what would the pay difference be between 2 year and 4 year?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Standard in Europe


    bachelors degree with 5 years experience

    that would get you a top job in any horti ops

    weed , grapes, tomatoes, peas, etc is horti ops

    a 2 year degree in greenhouse management would be 50%? less

    horti ops is very cyclic, hot now is very cold this time next year

    with much cash lost in winter

    with you very busy in summer ...bummer!

    I'm always trying to make up for the legalization loss

    this year its Stevia

    good luck
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    In my experience (granted not on the growing side of horticulture) schooling is fantastic but actual hands on experience is much better.

    I have/would always hire a person with experience over someone with paperwork but no real world hands on experience. In any job really, not just the Cannabis growing industry.

    Having schooling and paperwork looks great on a resume but is not even close to a highly recommended reference. People learn more on the job than looking at girls in the classroom studying out of date text books.

    Pay rate always comes down to what you can negotiate and how good you are at your job. If your the best at your job in the state, you will earn the $, paperwork or not. As long as you know your value.
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    you could look into sustainable agriculture internships. i have done this and it was really helpful. i dont want to work for anyone though.. so, im going into the sciences until legalization is full blown. then maybe ill open a farm to table restaurant where my 9 children can work and fascinate about a prehistoric society with only two genders (where dad came from)
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    The Attra is a national organization for agricultural training with countless farms availavleyto apply. Many provide either stipend or even a paycheck just for training.


    I haven't checked since marijuana reform but chances are the rec states would have some neat internships. Really nothing to lose if the provide housing, stipend and food.
    MMJ Dreaming 99

    MMJ Dreaming 99 Well-Known Member

    Yup. And is is hard ass work. The dude is mentioning Denver and Boulder. Colorado is not cheap to live in. Another thing is be prepapred to work like a dog. Too many miillenial types are not well suited to farm aka hard work.
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    MMJ Dreaming 99

    MMJ Dreaming 99 Well-Known Member

    I met a bright young guy who had a botany degree and pretty much ran a big grow near Boulder. $15 an hour and they treated him badly.

    A lot of Colo natives are not crazy about people rushing into the state. From my experience, I would hire a native. I would not hire anyone from Texas.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    the new word out is 'degree inflation'

    where once a degree guareenteed the position

    you now need two or even a masters for that same position
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Lol, maybe you could study genetics and teach these arseholes that doing one cross-pollination between 2 plants does not constitute a new strain.
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    Dutchieman420 Well-Known Member

    There are endless ways to apply marijuana now that the market is semi legal leaning towards legal.
    Figure out a way to emerse into our culture, most of us don't make super duper bucks ALL the time, be aware of risk ratios, you WILL be doing manual labor for. Few years unless you have money to spend even then it is labor intensive
    Concept design starting business' these have ample opportunity but it helps to have dedicated your whole life to the production, growing of hundreds of pounds over many years
    Go to Humboldt county during harvest and live in ur car.
    Wear a necklace with trimmers around your neck and hold a sign that says "work" odds are u will be payed in bud or100 bucks a pound lol

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