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Enter the Dungeon! New and Improved Dungeons Vault Genetics

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Velvet Elvis, Nov 4, 2015.


    limonene Well-Known Member

    2 different phenos of grandpas breath f2 here, photos got mixed up. Both are extremely dense, frosty and smell great! IMG_7377.JPG IMG_7388.JPG IMG_7392.JPG IMG_7378.JPG IMG_7375.JPG

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    limonene Well-Known Member

    And this is my lone hotrod, I've seen better phenos than this but I'm happy. Smells of kerosene, terpier than the gbreath. Better branching but smaller less dense buds. But still dense. Good frost.
    IMG_7371.JPG IMG_7370.JPG IMG_7369.JPG IMG_7372.JPG
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    I likes dem GPB,
    right now I have 4 GPB F2 3wks into 12/12.
    It's all looking good limonene,
    this is my 1st run w/DVG gear.
    on top of foul mouth and GPB I also have a pak of grand slam a mothin veg
    and a pak of false teeth v3 to run.
    from what Ive seen so far all of their gear turns out sugar frosted gold :weed:
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    limonene Well-Known Member

    Yeah they are good and so frosty, also densest I've ever encountered. looking forward to seeing yours pal!
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Some Grand Slam V2 and Grand OG. Cant wait to see how these turn out. Things are getting crowed in my veg room so I really need to stagger these in if possible. Oh and one of the Grand OGs not shown topped itself. Its a runt but I'm going to run it anyhow.;-)


    Off topic but it looks as though the two on the right are showing a Cal def? I see some distinct spots. Hmmmm.
    Unfamiliar with these beans so I went really light on the soil. Its a 30/70 mix of Roots Original/ProMix because I thought my built soil might be too hot (new batch only cooked for 20 days or so)
    I'm thinking I should've went straight into either my built soil or straight Roots Original. I really don't want this to progress. Any ideas? I have just about everything on hand for nutes whether organic dry or bottled.
    Or maybe just play it safe and topdress with some Lime/Gypsum/Roots Elemental?
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    In veg I would top dress and foliar feed Sea-90 & I use some organic soluble nutes in there to. I usually don't use bottled nutes much only when in being lazy not mixing my soils & top dressing as I should. Not to mention I grow sativas so the indica doms I have are making me work haha!! Plants are looking pretty happy though @Tangerine_
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    I have 4 GPB F2s around 5wks in bloom now.
    I take sample around this time to get a heads for possible keepers.
    1 is good, nuttin special,
    the other 3 are the mudda fuggin juice brutha!
    they're scoring 9s across the board already.
    quality thru and thru on these
    glad i picked up 2 paks :weed:
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    I just put 4 Palpatine in paper towel. This is my first time running DVG as well. I also have a pack of E's Grand OG, The Funk, False Teeth v3 and Starbux. Too many seeds not enough time ( or space lol)
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    GPB F2
    pour some shuga on me!

    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    Starbux has had my attention for awhile. I'm always on the lookout for that one.
    GL on the Palpatine. From what I've seen DVG puts out some dank fire.

    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    Anyone done the F2 V4 GPB? Got it in my stash but also have 3 other OGKB crosses and trying to figure things out.
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    chopped my 2 foul mouths, should be called loud mouth!
    it penetrates plastic haha!
    it is a super AAA+ from taste to bag appeal thats off the hook.
    this one is definitely firing on all cylinders!
    looking at my GPB F2s they'll be in the same ball park from 35 day samples.
    I think everything DVG looks to be gold!
    i have 5grand slams ready for 12/12 soon.
    pics coming
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    gnomies foulmouth preserves :p

    foulness guarunteed!
    foulmouth1 (1).JPG .
    . foulmouth1 (2).JPG
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Pulled out my Swamp Thing (Triangle Kush x GPB) seeds from the vault today. Making F2 will be my 1st priority, DVG won't be putting any of these out for awhile if ever. Think he is working on Citrus Farmer crosses.

    Dividedsky Well-Known Member

    Has anyone run the grand slam yet? Don't recall seeing to many pics in this thread.
    I have a 10pk of the slams and was thinking of popping those next. The sound of it is great...grandpa's breath with a nice yeild. I'm still running the grandpa's breath and huck kush from Dynasty. I have 2 veg tents going both have 12 bulb t5s in each. I just don't have a ton of room and I'm up in the air on popping the grand slam or a new 10pk of goji og. I was even thinking of snagging a pack of false teeth, I love candyland, have seen some nice candyland up in the northeast as of late. Have to say I'm looking for at least 1 strain with a good if not great yeild so should probably hold off on the false teeth. I also have to stop buying seeds, it gets addicting.
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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    *Peaks in and looks around* Yup, I'm in the right thread now.

    Grand Slam V2

    I like the structure of this one so far


    These were staggered into bloom a few days apart. All three have varying differences but nothing too extreme. Think I'm going to have a hard time picking a final keeper.

    Dividedsky Well-Known Member

    Nice dude, good to hear. There just wasn't a ton of info about grand slam. It was always cheaper than his other strains. Which doesn't mean shit. Had a feeling it was a sleeper hit.
    v.s one

    v.s one Well-Known Member


    Dividedsky Well-Known Member

    How was the yeild, Tangerine?

    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    How much of the ogkb genes are popping up in the grandpas breath? Might pop a few. ..but I like to top my plants and every ogkb I've topped didn't like it one bit lol
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