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Exotic Strain Reccomedation

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Srgtgriffdonutt, Aug 12, 2017.


    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    I wanna grow something very purple or red next, i know some may not have the best thc content or whatever but i wanna grow something colorful and new, any recommendations and where to get them? other colors are cool too just trying to stray away from green

    vostok Well-Known Member

    anything with Cherry in the name ..is good

    in particular Cherry Pie Aka: Cherry Kush


    Sweet Red Poison Auto

    good luck
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Swami... Blue Orca Haze.... 1971 Kandahar Female x 1976 Dealers Choice Thai Stick x Original 88 Nevils NL5 x Haze

    Swam...Original Real Deal Mr Greengenes Cherry Bomb/ Maui Wowie IBL... Real Deal Cherry Bomb/Maui from Mr Greengenes Stock.

    Hazeman/Nevils/NDNGuy.... 88 G13 x Hash Plant

    BOH may not be purple ect, but aren't straight up green either. Very beautiful, and powerful stuff. Some has more of a Blue tint vs Red.

    Swami..... Original Nevils NL5 x Haze. Needs to be flowered as soon as sex is known. Gets huge, and needs lots of light for best outcome. All of it needs strong light. Very Powerful, and not for the novice. Makes many paranoid, sick, and hypoglycemic.

    This was in Nevils Original Description.

    This is everything the original description of the type is. The only type to ever have a Warning that you could lose bodily functions. This is no joke, this is not for light smokers and can induce hallucinations and temporary anxiety in those sensitive to these types of sativas.

    Ive seen this happen back in the 90s when I had this strain, crossed with Nevils NL1 x Hash Plant. Anything you cross to to is super potent.

    I just got these and plan on crossing the NL5/Hz into a Female G13/HP.

    I also just got the others I just mentioned.

    Swami you have to give a seed request. You get an Email to make a Donation, then I use a Bank Card, but I also believe you may be able to send cash. You would have to inquire. It is also in USA, and wont ship Internationally.

    Hazeman G13 x HP can be bought at Attitude Seeds. This is also a really good strain, and is used in many Bodhi crosses for a reason.

    If your looking for faster, the Hazeman is on average faster than the Swami.

    They also have many more varieties, that are all very rare, but beware of some as they can be Mutants, and you have to go through a lot of them. Swami also states as much. Just a heads up.

    The Blue Orca Haze is the Breeders Favorite.

    I actually ordered 2 x Nevils NL5/Haze, and Swami gave me 12 Blue Orca Haze for Freebies. They came up in 3 days, as did the G13/HP, and NL5/Hz. 6 out of 44 didn't come up, or were culled. They are 2 weeks old. I also just ordered another pack of the BOH, and asked for more BOH for freebies, if hes still giving them out. He was also very generous with the seeds.

    They come with 15 seeds. For 2 packs ( 30 seeds ) I got 9 extra ( 39 ) NL5/Hz.

    But I thought the Original Nevils NL5/Hz was gone forever, and have looked for it forever, and accidently stumbled on it a month ago. This stuff should be Way Stronger than the Mr Nice Version, or the Sensi Seeds version.

    Heres a Cherry Bomb pic. I'll eventually also have to get this 1.


    Blue Orca Haze

    Breeders favorite, this is a nice fix for the old ratty NL#5/Neville’s Haze. Mellower and kinder on the nerves than the NLH, as well as potentially a bit more potent.

    For those in the know, this is the long awaited reproduction BO x NL#5/Haze release after previous consumer testing.

    This is a serious NL#5/Haze upgrade in taste and effect, and quite successful at mellowing the classic teeth clenching anxiety of the Haze. Coots 71 Afghani x 76 Thai Stick ‘Blue Orca’ brings on the flavor adding a beefier presoviet Kandahar indica and a top notch 70’s “dealer’s choice” Thai stick which meshes very nicely with the 1991 NL#5 x Neville’s Haze Swami F1 male from Coot.

    Very resinous and hardy plants that tend to express uniformity very well, yet some variances still occur. So if one were to prefer a more sativa selection over indica, the opportunity still exists. Again, this is one of the best sativa’s most anyone who smokes it has ever encountered as is often muttered after a session. This is not an exaggeration and caution should be taken or better daily planning implemented considering it’s long lasting soaring inebriation. Very introspective behavior prone, yet for monotonous boring long-houred jobs, this is the answer to the laborious aspects humans often face.

    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    red poison looks dank and pretty fun to grow. any recommended seedbank that carries it? i've only used nirvana before

    vostok Well-Known Member


    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    Very informative thank you so much, the one that really caught my attention was the "Original Nevils NL5 x Haze" i love a little adventure when i smoke and this seems like a scary yet invigorating high
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    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    those look really exciting. probably gonna get the dark devil. have you used this seed bank before? is it trustable. i live in the US if that changes anything
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    top pic Cannaventure Raspberry Kush - about 50% are this color, potent as feck, tastes and smells a dream.
    lower pic Melvanetics Buckeye Purple - had a buddy just finish growing this out & it looks just like this, AAAA++++ quality all the way
    CVRK.png BUCKEYE.png
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    Psyphish Well-Known Member

    Sweet Seeds autos aren't very potent IMO. They're colorful and smell exotic (not the loudest, but nice). Their Black Cream was completely black.

    Another exotic looking strain is Cannabiogen's Peyote Purple, it's just visually pleasing, not strong or smelly. I know people have used it in crosses, like "Spirit in the sky".

    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    from what i've seen when i looked up those strains the buckeye seems dope. ill probably buy a seed of that as well thanks
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    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    it looks pretty cool though. and yeah i've noticed you usually can't expect much from pretty looking flowers but thanks for the recommendation. ill probably try the Cannabiogen's Peyote Purple. looks sick

    vostok Well-Known Member

    its Herbies yeah I have used

    it but pay only cash and bitcoin now ..no cc
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    man Peyote Purple is known to be somewhat low powered...Raspberry Kush & Buckeye Purple are 'NOT' low powered, also you will get more purp pheno's in those 2 compared to GDP as well, though GDP 'HAS' the power too
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    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    ill probably get a few seeds and plant one of each but yeah thanks. it appears buckeye purp is a must try. just wanted to see something other than green in my garden
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    understandable man, yrs ago if a person wanted purp they had to settle for below par potency...not anymore if you search around, shame about GrandDaddyPurple that in reality there is a low percentage of real purp types in a batch of beans...cos its a great smoke & stone!
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    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Website says BOH not available.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    It is available. I just got the new list Friday, and ordered 1 pack on Friday. I also asked if hes giving freebies if I could have more BOH. Ill probably get them sometime this week. Hes usually pretty fast. Last time he sent mine out on a Monday, so he may have sent them out yesterday, but I dont know, but wont bother him at this point. He also answers Email pretty fast.

    But if you ask for a Seed Request, he will Email you a Seed List.

    Heres the list I got Friday.

    Blue Orca Haze 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Vietnam Black x The One/Panama) 100
    Blue Orca Haze x (Neville's Haze/Malawi x a5haze/Thai) 100
    Blue Orca x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Bliss' 100
    Blue Orca x Blue Mystic/PPP Bx1 75
    Mr. GreenGenes Cherry Bomb 1979 Maui Wowie IBL 80
    Durban Bubble x Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Kahuna Bud x Cherry Bomb 80
    (Kali Mist x Burmese/Cherry Bomb) x Mazar-I-Shariff/Guerrero aka 'V Shiva' 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Pakistan Chitral Kush 80
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Punto Rojo 100
    Mazar-I-Shariff x Guerrero 80
    NL#5 x Neville's Haze F4 100
    Nigerian Blue Haze (Nigerian Blue x NL5haze 80
    Nigerian Sunshine 80
    Nigerian Sunshine x (Nigerian Sunshine x Blue Mystic/PPP) 80
    The One x Pakistan Chitral Kush 100
    The One x (The Black x 91 NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Yogi' 100
    The One x Punto Rojo 100
    Velvet Rush X NL#5/Neville's Haze 100
    Vietnam Black x The One/Panama 100
    Zazen x (Velvet Rush x NL#5/Neville's Haze) aka 'Guru' 100

    kds710 Well-Known Member

    Go with CSI Humboldt for colorful strains that you don't have to sacrifice potency on like Mendocino Purple Kush. Also his Pakistani Chitral Kush crosses are known for bringing lots of color to the strains it gets crossed with. Exotic Genetix's Kimbo Kush, Cookies & Cream are just a couple.
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    Srgtgriffdonutt Member

    do you have a link, sounds pretty dope

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Heres a photo of the Mother, of the Blue Orca Haze.

    This is a 1972 Kandahar Afghani Female Clone Only

    Crossed to a 1976 Thai, its called.. The One..

    The Swami BOH has a Male 91 COOTS/Nevils 1988 NL5 x Hz Male x BO Female.

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017 at 11:06 AM

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