Fun with Super Skunk (first indoor grow)

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Do you think 1.5 year old seeds or older are to old?

  1. yes

  2. no


    flowersforfree Member

    this is gona be a fun ez grow
    got ahold of some 1.5 year old ss 5 seed pack (must of got lost in the couch?)
    vision seeds
    90% indica
    10% sativa
    +-16% thc---- that will be nice

    the pack says 52 day +-
    start date 3-3-2016

    flowersforfree Member

    1 pic package the seeds came from (3-3-16)
    2 pic grem set up, light (pioneer IV t5)
    3 pic 48 hours one little seed pops up(3-5-16)
    4 pic #1 plant (3-6-16)
    5 pic #1 plant close up (3-6-16)
    20160306_152103.jpg 20160306_151451.jpg 20160304_123036.jpg 20160306_151518.jpg 20160306_151541_002.jpg

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i'm doing my last super skunk seed from nirvana right now.

    the first 4 plants were easy to grow and big yielders too. pretty decent smoke as well.

    good luck

    Biggchong Well-Known Member

    Good Yob! My girls are 15 days old today.

    flowersforfree Member

    ok so today is the 8th day of the seedlings under 24 hour t5 light
    I have given them nothing at this point other than country water and what ever was in the seedling start mix
    -seed start mix (Jiffy natural & organic seed starting mix) looks like it mostly consist of Canadian sphagnum moss.
    ---little fun fact, I was talking to my seed source about the age of my seeds when we checked the post mark on the package it was marked 5 years old. so these seeds are way older than I thought before. So out of the 5 I started only two came up. I think about making one of them a mother plant and flowering the smaller of the two.
    Guess my question to you all is, can you mother a feminized plant or will it auto flower on me???

    here are the pics taken today before transplant and light moving to 18 hours on under 1000w mh.
    20160313_120956.jpg 20160313_121007.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    after a little work this after noon I got the grow room set up
    I still need to run down and pick a fan up (shame shame on me)
    here are some more pics of todays events

    pic 1- my main lighting system. 1000watter (cant find what I did with the mh box) mh and for flowering I have 1000w hps
    and a brand new ballast and hood
    I was going to buy some used stuff but after realizing ballast don't last for ever either I went with new

    pic 2- promix, kinda sums it up lol

    pic 3- all the good stuff I'm going to feed it
    this was a promo from my local grow store a little something for the indoor first timer

    pic 4- the new set up and room

    20160313_172330.jpg 20160313_170148.jpg 20160313_131322.jpg 20160313_153041.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    Beautiful day to go green
    Two weeks in since grem
    One week under 1000w mh
    They a looking good and bushy after the frist week in their new homes.
    I am really liking the new light, under branches growing like crazy
    Pic 1 this is the bigger of the two
    6 full sets, number 7 will open fully 24 hours and by the looks of it, the first set of sun leaves to have 7 blades
    this plant is about 6 inches tall now

    Pic 2 this is "lil bit" as ive been calling her
    5 full sets, number 6 will open in next 24 hours and it to will be the frist set with 7 blades
    this plant is maybe 5 inches tall lol

    These plants seem to love the fert I'm using so far, although I do note some minor leaf up curled. But as the second week comes to end they are flattening back out. I believe this was do to watering with first fert apply when I did the trans plant, got a little carried away I guess.
    20160317_151908.jpg 20160317_151859.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    day short of week 3 veg, had some time so thought id update
    doing great added two more sets on both plants this week
    they have taken root and are rocken rollen
    topped both, time to let side branches do their thing
    pic 1 at 9th set about 9inches
    pic 2 at 8th set, "lil bit" finally past the 5 inch mark lol shorty

    so I was told way back when I frist started growing if you eat the top you can get a good idea how strong the bud will be
    the more it tingles the inside of your mouth the better (this came from Hawaiian masters) seems to be good indicator
    well these girls got the tingle
    any one else know of this? 20160323_125946.jpg 20160323_130128.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    Ill be darn "lil bit" showed this morning???
    I'm 3 weeks into veg and it showed at the site where I topped it.
    Is this normal for inside growing, my lights run 18/6
    I had asked before if fem seeds are auto flower but idk
    Guess ill run the veg light one more week and see what they tell me
    pic 1 "lil bit" at the top site
    pic 2 both plants after top, look how the right plant shot up in the last week
    20160328_141118 (2).jpg 20160327_113055.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    start of week 4 veg
    I removed the big fan leaves.
    Latter this week I will super crop, they are starting to get up into the heat.
    This way I wont have to mess with raising my light up yet.
    Also I made it to the local grow shop today and picked up cloning supplies.
    (I have heard if you clone from fem seeds you will lose quality, is this true?)
    But until I find a strain that works for me this will work.

    So I learned also today my ph was way off. I've been in the 7 range, guess I need to be 5.5-5.7ish
    I now have ph lower needless to say. I thought they were doing great but I guess now they will do better???
    You can read and read and read but until you do it.
    So I'm learning and gaining lots of first time knowledge.
    here are some pics
    Pic1 we need a name for this one, its the taller of the two
    looking good all bushed out cant wait to super her
    Pic2 "lil Bit" looking all wild I don't know what else to say but, time will tell haha. 20160330_122758.jpg 20160330_122813.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    Made a clone area yesterday and started 8 clones (first time cloning)
    As I was making up the clone solution and reading the PH lower bottle I realized I was checking ph at wrong time.
    so turns out you check ph after you mix in nutrients, lol my bad. My ph was spot on the whole time
    also after I took my clones I super cropped the remaining branches
    here are some pics
    20160402_120828.jpg 20160401_173530.jpg 20160401_182422.jpg 20160401_183556.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    Start of week five veg and growing like wild.
    looks good but I need to work on my super crop skills
    I'm wondering if I should crop again or is it a waste of time and money.
    the clones are coming along nicely, really eating their selves up.
    any way here are some pics for you to enjoy.
    Input is always welcome don't be bashful I'm trying to learn. That's why I post all this, if you see me doing something crazy please STOP me! lol
    Other than that I think at week six we will change the bulb to HPS and flower these little super stars.
    20160405_133259.jpg 20160405_133318.jpg 20160405_134753.jpg 20160405_133305.jpg 20160405_133336.jpg 20160405_134804.jpg 20160405_133928.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    how are your super skunk going?

    flowersforfree Member

    you must be getting close to flowering by now, how they looking?

    Biggchong Well-Known Member


    flowersforfree Member

    week six veg
    well I really messed up
    be vary carful when trying to super crop
    some of my branches died because I pinched them to hard
    I tried to tape them but to no avail.
    no big deal its still growing but looks like a jack ass has been at the wheel. ill try to stay a little calmer next run lol.
    a lot of the nodes are showing now so some time this week or weekend I will be switching to hps and run lights 12/12
    also its not to bad but I do notice a nice aroma stating to build. guess its time to buy a filter. Anyone have a brand they want to plug. other wise I'm just gona get one (well ill get the one my grow store guy recommends)

    clone stat:
    I'm am down to 4 out of the 8 I started
    2 of them I know are making roots because you can see them at the top
    the other 2 I assume are doing the same but I cant see sign other than they are still green ;)
    but hey I think 50% is good for a first timer learning all this start up knowledge from the interweb.
    9 days is what it took for me to see root development
    now I'm wondering when is the best time to transplant,
    should I wait till I start to see new veg growth?
    other thing is I need to watch my humidity better. its vary dry in there
    Note, I do have a hood over my clone tray

    here are some pics from end of week 5
    poor "lil bit" what did that monster do to you, sorry it just really hurts to look at.

    20160411_133915.jpg 20160411_133919.jpg 20160411_134106.jpg 20160411_134116.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    week 8
    end of first week flower, I went one more week in veg just because I messed up that last super crop. I thought maybe they need one more week just to get happy again
    also I started two seeds of wonder brand x
    I turned lights to flower when they turned 3 weeks old. And one of them turned out to be the stinkest little male ive ever encountered. So looks like someone is gona make some seeds for the heck of it. And yes I have moved him away from the girls.
    lots of pics today for you to enjoy. the last two are of the wonder brand x. the taller is the male
    oh almost forgot, my clones all died but one. but ill work on it
    20160427_151926.jpg 20160427_151843.jpg
    20160427_151910.jpg 20160427_151901.jpg
    20160427_151955.jpg 20160427_152036.jpg

    flowersforfree Member

    5 12 2016

    20160512_153449.jpg 20160512_153507.jpg 20160512_153735.jpg 20160512_153701.jpg
    Bigger of the SS

    20160512_153759.jpg 20160512_153816.jpg
    20160512_153950.jpg 20160512_153936.jpg
    Lil bit

    20160512_154124.jpg 20160512_154038.jpg
    Big Boi
    I can't believe how fast it grew
    Won't be long now, I can't wait for it to do its thing with Lil bit.

    Yes I am gona make a mess but it will be worth it. Guess we will call it
    Wonder Skunk

    flowersforfree Member

    20160521_155314.jpg WEEDPORN

    20160521_160647.jpg 20160521_160655.jpg 20160521_160706.jpg the bigger SS

    20160521_160724.jpg 20160521_160738.jpg 20160521_160827.jpg Lil bit doing her thing.
    Rx Green is really rockin!

    20160521_160924.jpg 20160521_160934.jpg wonder brand X rolling right along

    20160521_161238.jpg every one just chillin

    5 21 16
    Week 10 or something lol idk taking our time just growing with the flow

    I all most feel like I should add one more 1000w er for the flower room but I'll finish this with the light present

    flowersforfree Member

    20160521_161113.jpg 20160521_161101.jpg
    R.I.P. to big Boi
    He did his thing
    Wonder Brand X and Super Skunk
    Are now one
    Wonder Skunk here we go
    I'm not trying to steal anyone's name so if there is already a breed with that name I'll happily change it.

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