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G13 Labs Seeds Back in Stock at the Original Seeds Store

Discussion in 'Rollitup Advertisers' started by Original Seeds Store, Oct 26, 2017.

    Original Seeds Store

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    G13 Labs Seeds best selling strains are back in stock and available to buy now at the Original Seeds Store

    Back in stock this week from G13 Labs Seeds:

    Blue Venom – Powerful strain with heavy crystallization from the White Widow genetics.

    Pineapple Express – High yields of strong fruity weed.

    Purple Haze – Full of sticky trichomes creating a soaring haze high

    Royal Kush – Strong yielder full of indica power

    Blueberry Gum – Potent THC crystals cover the buds like sugar coating

    NL Automatic – Perfect for the novice grower and automatic flowering

    Blue OG – Ideal for oil extraction and hash production.

    White Lavender – Aggressive power levels.

    Pineapple Express # 2 - New and improved version of the original Pineapple Express.

    G13 Labs Seeds Stock Availability

    The Original Seeds Store are back to a full house of G13 labs Seeds. The full range is offered in feminised seeds form and you may also be interested in other varieties in the range including Gigabud which is a high producer and laden with humongous fat buds, Chocolate Heaven which is strong and fruity with a dark chocolate undertone or if your new to growing your own cannabis seeds or just tight for space try something from the autoflowering range, all of which are easy to grow, there are currently 4 to choose from including an auto variety of their signature strain Pineapple Express and like all G13 Labs Seeds are available in packs of 1-200 exclusively at the store.

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