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Getting ready for 2017 starting indoor going outdoor

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by HighLowGrow, Dec 27, 2016.


    HighLowGrow Well-Known Member

    I like this method. Think this winter I'll make a couple 10'ers for next year. I believe he said 9 five gallon buckets per 10'. 18 five gallons of veggies should do me good.

    To me it seems like it would waterlog the buckets, but apparently not.

    Carpet is a great idea for weeds underneath these.

    Thanks for sharing for sure.
    sandhill larry

    sandhill larry Well-Known Member

    You have to use light potting soil in the part that goes in the water. I did have my water a little too deep this year. I have black plastic holding my water. I've had good luck using kiddie pools with {Walmart shopping} grow bags. About two inches deep is right with the bags.

    HighLowGrow Well-Known Member

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