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GG4 Feminised? Where to find authentic seeds?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Cobbyist, Jan 6, 2018.


    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Ok. Not a surprise. Several popular strains came from random fem bag seed.

    Kind of a difference in a plant that herms from the beginning of flower and full of seeds and one that throws late nanners and just a few seed.
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    toomp Well-Known Member

    The entire crop was thrown out due to hermies, his buddy rescued a few seeds. One was gg4.

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Oh yea fam, if you can find Locktite by Redeyed Genetics you just might find one of the best gg4 crosses around.

    antonioverde Active Member

    Not to say you can't find it or could get lucky with a smaller number of seeds buy it is a true statement bro. The s1 have some fire but not all glue like. That's one reason I did my bx project and made a male to start with from from gg4 parental lineage.

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