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Glycerin tincture irritation

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Lion-O, Mar 12, 2017.


    Lion-O Active Member

    Made my first glycerin tincture and it irritated my tounge and throat. First time I held a few drops under my tounge. The next time tried swalling some mixed in yogurt. Both had same result.

    The recipe was about 3/4 cup glycerin, 1/8 cup glycol, 20 drops mint oil, heated for a day in crockpot on warm. Everything was food grade. All was mixed with 11 grams ww which was grown myself, and mixed before in coconut oil and honey without issue. Never had any of the tincture ingredients before. Wondering which ingredient is most likely causing the irritation. I'm guessing the glycol and / or mint oil. Thoughts?
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    WeedWitchOR Active Member

    Try the glycol by itself and see if you react. Could be too much mint, little goes a long way. I do mine with just coconut oil. I make it strong and I'm a lightweight so I don't need much at once.

    Lion-O Active Member

    Thanks, I'll give it a go.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    they used to use that stuff in hospitals. it was mounted on the walls and puffed a timed glycerin into the air to kill bacteria as an antiseptic. seems weird to inhale the vapors now eh? how that shit taste? someday we'll look back at this practice and :wall:

    Lion-O Active Member

    Glycerin tastes sweet. But, it alone seems to be the source of the irritation to my mouth/tongue. Wonder if I can make a honey tincture instead. Don't see why not, probably have to add coconut oil though. However, next I'll try the glycol alone, first will have to wait until the reaction goes away though.

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