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    I am a new grower and experiencing some problems early on...I have 5 clones that are only a week and half old they have been potted for roughly 5 days, I am having issues with yellows spots??? I messed up by feeding them nutrients a couple times when they need to be fed water for first 2 weeks. But I'm having real issues with one of them I've attached a picture. If somebody could help me diagnose the problem would be much appreciated. IMG-20161118-WA0000.jpg
    mark rubino

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    This is the result of just water being fed?

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    While not a new grower, I do occasionally come across a problem. I have two plants that have leaf issues that I'm trying to figure out. The first one is a fem cross of blue ox and sour blackberry diesel (very dark leaf petioles).
    It's in a 3 gallon pot and really haven't done anything else different...all my plants are on the same flowering or veg cycle with the same nutes respectively. It's almost 2 weeks since flip and last time I fed was two weeks before flip.

    Same goes for this mostly sativa cross but this one I potted up to a 5 gallon a week before the flip because I knew from the parents this would outgrow the pot very quickly.
    Both of these plants had this before flowering but the one I repotted seemed to grow out of it. I can't tell if it is the same problem and just the totally different types of plants (very indica/very sativa) is the reason for the variation between the two, as far as the leaves are concerned. I originally thought the dog peed on them because he pisses on everything lol. Any leaf Dr.s out there that's seen something similar?​

    808newb Well-Known Member

    No ideas?
    Ismail me7sen

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    Does this look like heat stress or does this strain grow like this its bluetooth strain(auto blueberry crossed with sweet tooth) its an autoflowering strain

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    Great guide, this is dope! Very resourceful and helpful.

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