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Harvest a Pound Every Three Weeks!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by StinkBud, Oct 5, 2008.


    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Anything with Sativa in it will take awhile to finish but it's worth it bro. Our Durban Poison takes a solid 12 weeks. Some of our Indicas finish in just over 7 weeks! Obama Kush is the fastest finisher and it will knock your socks off!

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    I'd go with one big 4x8 tent bro. That way you'll multiply the light quite a bit. Even though the plants will get most of their light from the closest light they will still benefit from the other two lights. The center plants will grow way faster too.

    Your drywall should be fine if you run a carbon filter. It's a good idea anyway just so you don't stink up the whole house. If you're really concerned about the drywall and flooring just cover everything in Panda Film sealed with tape.

    To keep things simple I'd run soil for the first few batches. Then when the timing's right I'd move to Coco. I was in the hydro shop the other day, the entire back room was filled with different types/brands of coco fiber.

    I wouldn't even consider aeroponics unless you can afford a water chiller. Better off with coco...

    Smokey57 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your response.

    I hadn't thought of a 4x8, great idea. I gather you feel the extra light is worth the risk of contaminating the whole grow, if something goes wrong. It would probably get into the other tents anyways.

    soil !?! 507 pages off aeroponics and NOW(!) you change to coco. your killing me man. lol

    I just did a 4 seperate bucket DWC side by side with 4 soil airpots 5gal. the hydro was way bigger, taller, bushier, but the buds were way more dense on the soil.

    i could always start with soil and introduce an aeroponics system into the set up, after all the reading i really have my heart set on trying your rail system. I have all the gear except the fence rails. REALLY hard to find here cheap.

    never had temperature problems in the DWC. i only plan on growing in the winter. long winters here. It's -37 here now, keeping water cool is not a problem. low humidity at 15% is the hassle.

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    ugmjfarmer Well-Known Member

    I cannot believe this thread is still going. It brings a smile to my face. I read through this thing like it was gospel. It was the reason why I had a successful grow; using your timeline and a similar nutrient schedule (same feed). I just chose medium based; and rockwool solved the issue of air space for roots that you spoke of. I'm glad your kicking, and odd that we both ended up soil growers years later. And congrats on the Hightimes feature

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