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Help with interpreting first soil report / recommendations

Discussion in 'Organics' started by NewGrower2011, Jan 7, 2018.


    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    So my soil reports came back and I'm starting to analyze them and try to digest/understand them. I already see a few things I think to worry about. One being the aluminum content - I used azomite and wonder if it was too heavy handed. I didn't know about the aluminum aspects in azomite until after the soil was mixed.

    Soil Report
    Total Exchange Capacity: 23.94
    ph of Sample: 6.6
    Organic Matter: 27.27%

    -- Anions --
    Sulphur: 328ppm
    Mehlich III Phosph: 1142 lbs/acre

    -- Exchangeable Cations --
    Calcium - Desired: 6510
    Calcium - Found: 5588
    Calcium - Deficit: -922
    Magnesium - Desired: 689
    Magnesium - Found: 1076
    Potassium - Desired: 746
    Potassium - Found: 1595
    Sodium - 391 lbs/acre

    -- Base Saturation % --
    Calcium (60 to 70%): 58.37
    Magnesium (10 to 20%): 18.73
    Potassium (2 to 5%): 8.54
    Sodium (.5 to 3%): 3.55
    Other Bases: 4.80
    Exchangeable Hydrogen (10 to 15%): 6

    -- Trace Elements --
    Boron: 0.88ppm
    Iron: 193ppm
    Manganese: 15ppm
    Copper: 1.28ppm
    Zinc: 10.95ppm
    Aluminum: 80ppm

    -- Other --
    Ammonium: 0.2ppm
    Nitrate: 379.1ppm
    Media Weight %: 23.7%

    Saturated Paste Report
    ph: 6.6
    Soluble Salts: 2185ppm
    Chloride (CI): 1040ppm
    Bicarbonate (HCO3): 107ppm

    -- Anions --
    Sulphur: 272.4ppm
    Phosphorus: 7.7ppm
    Calcium: 260.80ppm / 13.04 meq/l
    Magnesium: 106.70ppm / 8.89 meq/l
    Potassium: 289.80ppm / 7.53 meq/l
    Sodium: 107.70ppm / 4.68 meq/l

    -- Percent --
    Calcium: 38.19
    Magnesium: 26.04
    Potassium: 22.05
    Sodium: 13.72

    -- Trace Elements --
    Boron: 0.24ppm
    Iron: 0.63ppm
    Maganese: 0.07ppm
    Copper: 0.02ppm
    Zinc: 0.12ppm
    Aluminum: 1.34ppm

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    The soil was a mix/hodgepodge of what I had for re-use and then added more coco, some FFOF, new large chunky perlite. I had another thread where I listed out the original mix that I let sit for quite some time. I've also applied an AEM batch (probably a tad heavy - 2:1 water to aem). That has then had another week plus to sit and stew...

    Also - any recommendations on the various places that offer professional analysis - i.e. I think BuildASoil does this for a fee, etc. Who's the better vendor if I go that path? I know the lab had recommended vendors I think but I'd rather get this crowds opinions.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    No one out there? ;-) Would really appreciate any input those in the know can share. After reviewing things I'm now hesitant to use this media for my upcoming run and would like to change course sooner than later if that's going to be the case.

    I'm thinking it's too hot on some fronts, and maybe even too light on others. I found kelp4less has a consulting option but damn it's pricey and looks like they include the costs of the soil test itself which I already have.

    NewGrower2011 Well-Known Member

    Finally getting time to come back to my soil test, and what seems to be missing for me is where can I find the ideal values/ranges where they don't otherwise specify. Without something to compare against for the 'ideal target' then I'm sort of playing a guessing game here. Probably going the BuildASoil route for an interpretation. Would be nice to see a compiled list of reports from others who've shared theirs for a cross comparison - esp from folks who know what they're doing and at least compare against what is believed to be a good target.

    If anyone can point me towards data that would give me a 'target' for these readings I'm all ears.

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