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How do my seedlings look?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dubble Js, Sep 10, 2017.

    dubble Js

    dubble Js Member

    Hey all,

    Just thought Id pick your brains on these seedlings. I germinated them all early august and they went into the medium around Aug 7, some Aug 12. Some are in straight coco, some are in Sun4/coco mix for experimental purposes.

    I had issues with stretching on some of them, as you can see. The light was only a couple inches away so im not sure what the cause was.

    I just started a weak nute feed a couple weeks ago, 1/8tsp of GH gro/mic/bloom per 2L water.

    I use lemon juice to get the PH around 6.0

    How do you think they are looking? We are 4.5 weeks in. There is 2 Green crack fems (theyre in solos) and the other 5 are some hawaiian seeds i acquired.

    Should i bump up the nute feed a bit now? they look a bit pale. Ive got them about 2" under a 4bulb t5 fluoro.

    Aug 23

    Aug 27

    Sep 6

    Sep 9
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    dubble Js

    dubble Js Member

    When do you guys transplant from small containers? (Ex. Solo cups)
    Also, do you think my T5 2' 4bulb is sufficient for veggin?

    louiedogg Well-Known Member

    they look good man, ill be honest here when i first started here i measured my water ph like crazy and i'd add vinegar/lemon juice to bring it down a bit.

    big mistake on my end!!!! i just add dolomite lime to my soil mix and now i just water straight from tap or mix my nutes in a bucket, never check my ph now.

    i wasted my first year fighting with ph. dolomite lime makes it simple.

    as for transplanting i usually wait till the canopy fills the cup (your one looks just about ready)
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    louiedogg Well-Known Member

    and yeah that light is fine if you keep em short, and if they are pale green almost yellow they need more nutes
    dubble Js

    dubble Js Member

    Cool man, thanks.

    I'll look into the dolomite lime! Checking ph is a step i wouldn't mind getting rid of.

    I actually rarely checked it when I did a couple coco grows last year but this time around im trying to put in more effort and dial in the plants.

    I bumped up the Nute feed tonight on the biggest one. Will transplant it soon, I'm thinking into 1gal then eventually 5gal.

    HazednConfused Well-Known Member

    I usually tap the cup then pull the plant out upside down, checking to for solid root ball.

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    transplant from solo not long after the leaves grow outside the 3" diameter of the top of the cup.

    For 4.5 weeks those sure do look small though. Are you not keeping the T5's right close to them?

    Can I assume your on an 18/6 light schedule? Or even better 24/0

    Kjudah420 Member

    I was thinning the same thing.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    yep, you already waited too long for the big one.

    PuffAdder Member

    I've heard dolomite in coco is a no-no?

    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    They look healthy but a bit small....from my experience it looks like you may be watering a bit to often.....be sure to let them dry out good between waterings ....overwatering will also slow your growth to a crawl ...they like and need that bit of dry time....GL

    PuffAdder Member

    Don't let your coco dry out, asking for salt build up

    TurboTokes Well-Known Member

    You can let it dry out almost fully in early seedling and veg. That is how you expand to a huge rootball

    louiedogg Well-Known Member

    i didnt realize you were in coco, i thought you were in soil.

    ive never done coco so scratch my dolomite lime comment, im not sure how thatll work

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