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How the keep DTW res PH stable?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Bookush34, Feb 11, 2018 at 10:36 AM.


    Bookush34 Active Member

    I am working up to a automated watering system for a DTW Hempy system.

    I have been keeping my nutes mixed in a 5gal bucket with a Airstone to see how long my nutes stay stable.

    I am on hard well water where I am. Here is what my Temp Rez dose.
    Nutes = FloraNova Grow/Bloom, KoolBloom, Bud Factory X, Cal/Mag.

    Tap PH 7.2-7.4
    Add nutes
    Set PH in bucket to 6.0
    24 hrs later PH is back to 7 +/_
    Set it back to 6.0
    then it creeps up over night again but to maybe 6.8

    The PH rise overnight gets less over 3-5days.

    I have read that the issue could be my Hard water?

    What can I do to keep my feed more stable?
    Different nute company?
    RO filter?

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    R/o would help.

    Bubble your tp water for a day or two till it stabilizes then add your nutes .

    If you use Benny's they'll slowly raise your ph.

    Mixing nutes is a crap shoot. Some have buffering agents some don't.
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    Bookush34 Active Member


    Bookush34 Active Member

    What’s all
    Envolved with a RO system?
    Can I get a inline filter for my water line in the grow room?

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Google is your friend.

    Stealth r/o 150. It comes with instructions.

    Benny's for hydro include an array of beneficial bacteria that breakdown roots and feet your plants.
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    Rahz Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    PH can swing up or down depending on the fertilizer, specifically the type of nitrogen used. You probably have a lot of nitrate nitrogen in your fert so when it's absorbed by the plant the PH will go up.

    It's nothing to worry about, but I would suggest starting your solution at 5.5. That way you'll get a swing up to around 6.5 covering the whole usable PH range. As your plant get's into the flowering stage and is using less nitrogen the PH will quit swinging as much, but there will typically always be some swing.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    i did the same with my hempys. now i'm doing autofeed GH waterfarms.

    i preferred a waterfall in my dtw res vs air stones.

    i used GH floranova bloom in RO/well mix or plain RO. i'd skip the cal/mg, bud blasters, and the koolbloom. FNBloom is all you need.

    mine is stable for at least a week.

    i prefer maxibloom now. the FN bloom started solidifying into crystals in the jar. didn't want to fool with that anymore. one part nutes are known for that.

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    he's doing dtw. no plant interference with pH or EC.
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    When my water comes from my well the ph will be lower than when I let it sit for a day to come up to room temp. Then I ph.

    Bookush34 Active Member

    I have put just plain water in my Rez now. Ph’d it. And over night I had the same climb. So I assume it’s a water issue.

    I will keep the plain ph’d water going and see what it dose.

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Ph it AFTER it sits for 24 or so hours depending on your res size. Ph will change as the temp goes up or down.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018 at 5:13 AM
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    Bookush34 Active Member

    So 3days not it’s been sitting.
    Was at 6.5-6.6.
    PH’d it again this morning.

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