How to make Colloidal Silver to make Feminized seeds

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    Just posted this in another thread. First, your desired PPM is 40, second:

    Ok, so my docs that came with my CS generator state the following (using 3 9v batteries wired in series):

    30PPM: distilled water heated to 92 degrees F:
    16 oz water: 96 mins
    24 oz water: 144 mins
    32 oz water: 192 mins

    40PPM: distilled water heated to 112 degrees F:
    16 oz water: 128 mins
    24 oz water: 192 mins
    32 oz water: 256 mins

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    This post is old but it is Level One Bullshit.

    I have produced thousands of feminized seeds using feminized seeds. Not one of those seeds that myself or my friends have planted has produced male flowers or "hermed." All of the resulting plants have been female.
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    I have a sweet island #1sk it is 5wk old and is in a 32x48x48 box with 400watt hps. temp is 76 all time and im getting ready flower do to space. My question is: i want to feminize it what hormonal spray do i need and where can i get it cheep!!!
    I bought some
    COLLOIDAL silver from amazon and tried it my other plant I think its cheese not sure but after spraying once evreday for 10 days now i see nothing. is it bad spray or do i just keep with it and hope. i have 1oz. of it left and if i order it well itll be to late. please help.

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    G'day napalesegrizzly23,
    I don't mind you posting my original 2007 thread as this thread, but... why not link to the original and give original author credit? I put a lot of work into creating that thread; it would've taken less than a minute of your time to link to it or provide credit. :)

    And when copy-and-pasting it you didn't include (amongst LOTS of other good information also excluded!) my CREDITS section where I gave credit to those who helped me become able to put that thread together - you owe them just as much as I do! :D

    mike4c4, your colloidal solution from Amazon might be too weak (ie for human consumption not plant sex reversal) :) ... CS solutions have a somewhat toxic effect on plants due to the amount we're using - they look like crap going through the process.

    Peace from Down Under,
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    @iajOGrown dude this makes a lot of sense why the green crack had seeds

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    is the silver rod reusable, and how many feminized seeds can you make from 3 indoor plants?

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